विकिस्रोतः तः
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एतत् पृष्ठम् अपरिष्कृतम् अस्ति

102 P. 232. L. 11-12 (Verse 18). Though neither consisting of gold nor of pearls yet this is the ornament for the Brāhmans%3; by this oblations are offered to gods as well as to manes. The position of the sacred cord is changed when libations are offered to gods or Pitris. Cf.-'निवीतं मनुष्याणां प्राचीनावीतं पितृणां उपवीतं देवानां-Jaiminiyanyāyamālavistara. The three positions are generally termed सन्य, अपसव्य and निवीत. Cf. the funny verse of Sarvilaka III. 16. P. 232. L. 17-18 (Verse 19). In prosperity or adversity, by nights or by days the potent Fate holds its course like, an un- restrained young mare.-[प्रतीष्टं]-यधाभिलषितम्-किशोरी.] Young mare. 'अथ किशोरोऽश्वस्य शारके' इति मेदिनी. आर्या Metre. P. 233. L 1-2 (Verse 20). His designations and appela- tions are all extinct now-but notwithstanding all this does not he deserve our respects-is not the Moon to be respectfully greeted Bren when she is eclipsed ?-व्यपदेशा:-व्यपदिश्यते परिचीयते एभिरिति व्यपदेशाः कुलनामादयः-titles &e. Or व्यपदेशा:-वसन्तसेनावधजनिसापयादा: i.e. inputations that he has murdered Vasanta.sena ke..-[शुष्काः ) -लुप्ता: (are no more); मिध्यारोपिता वा-(are all false).-[जनपद.] The people. Cf.--'जनपदहितकर्ता त्यज्यते पार्थिवेन'-Panchatantra 1. 113. आर्या measure. P. 233. L. 5-6 (Verse 21), Wearing gurland of oleandera round the neck, carrying gibbet on the shoulder and grick on the heart, I proceed to the place of execution like a he-goat to the shambles to be slaughtered in the snerifice. For विभ्रत्करवारमालां &c. ef. Mudrarakshasa II. 23 and VII. 4. and the description of Chandanadass P. 258.-[आघातं] Place of execution or slaughter. house. Cf.- 'आसनतरसामेति मृत्युर्जन्तोदिने दिने । आघातं नायमानस्य वध्यस्येव पदे पदे ।' Hitopades a Sandhi 102, -[शामि] Place of immolation. शमित-Carver of slaughtered victim. Cf. वियो अथान शामिसेव एमोपस्तिरै पृथिवीं सूर्याष. Rv. V. 85, 1. आ+ the root लभू-to kill, immolate as a victim in sacrifices. Cf. पास पशूनालभन्से-Satu-Brah. इन्द्रवना metre, उपमालकार:. P. 233. L. 8-9 (Verse 22). We are not Chandalas (vile) though we sprang from their family: those only, who dishonour the virtuous, are Chandalas and vile sinners. आर्या metre. P.234.1.4-5 (Vers9 23). This is the all-in-all of affection%3B this is equally (comfortable) to the rich and the poor. This is a (balmy) ointmant for the heart though consisting neither of