विकिस्रोतः तः
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एतत् पृष्ठम् अपरिष्कृतम् अस्ति

rted house, or like the walls void of water or like the leaflese trees, because the festive hours of these, who have forgotten their miser- able plight at the sight of their beloved friends, yield no fruit to others.-[यत् ] यस्मादेतोः दृष्टपूर्वस्य पूर्वरष्टस्थ परिचितप्रियजनस्येत्यर्थः, सङ्गमेन समागमेन विस्मृतानां सङ्गमजन्यहोद्रेका विस्मृता स्वस्थ दैन्यावस्था यस्तेषां मादशानां FaraT4.--Who forget their wretched condition when they see their desr intimates.--[विफला:]-पारितोषिकदानयोग्य यस्त्वाधभावात्-As they have nothing to award. awaferas measure. P. 133, L. 10. (act] The bathing garment was enrapped round the entrusted ornaments. P. 133. L. 14-15 (Verso 43). See III. 24. P. 134. L. 3-4 (Verse 44). These heavy showers of rain penetrate the clouds as do the offshoots of lotus stalks the mire, and fall down like firmamental flood of tears shed on account of evil plight of the Moon.-[चन्द्रव्यसनात्] चन्द्रस्य व्यसनमावरणं तस्य हेतोः न चेमा वारिधारा अपि तु दिवोऽश्रुधारा इत्युत्प्रेक्षा. (उपेन्द्रवज्रा+इन्द्रवज्रा) Upajati metre. P. 134. L. 6-9 (Verse 45). The clouds dark-blue like the vestment of Balarama, are so to speak, pouring down Indra's pear. ly treasure through the showers, pure like the crystalline heart of the virtuous, fierce and hard like the arrows of Arjuna.-(42] बलभद्रक्समवनीला:-इन्द्रस्य मघोनः मुक्तामयं भौक्तिक निधानं कोशमियोगिरन्स उदमन्सः [बलदेवपट.] Balarama is represented as dressed in blue clothes. Hence his appellation area: Baladeva, the elder brother of Krishna was the seventh son of Vasudeva, and Devaki, was transferred to the womb of Rohiņi for fear of destruction from Kamsa. In his childhood be vanquished Pralamba and Dhenuka demons. He under the influenco of liquor, dragged by means of his gigantic plough-share, the Yamuna and Hastinåpura. He remained neutral in the internecine war of the Mahabharata on account of his love toward bis pupil Duryo dhana.-निधानं] Hoard. Cf.---'विभैव लोकस्य परं निधानम्'-Subhashita. Rhetorical figure उपमोत्प्रेक्षे. Metre वसन्ततिलकम्. P. 134. L. 11-14 (Verse 46). Behold the impassionel lightning, that has . 2peared suddenly, and is desirous of the union with the clouds, embraces the sky, annointed with the denge clouds resembling the ungeat of the ground tamals, and fanned by the fragrant nocturnal cool breeze, as a fondling mistress, affected by love at the rising of clouds and coming at will, caresses her paramour.---[पिष्ट]-पिष्टं मथितं समालं तस्य यो वर्णको विलेपनं निभै- स्तुल्यैः-like the pigment of powdered tamala.- [अभोद०] - मेधोदये प्रणयिनी प्रेमवती, सोत्कण्ठेति यावत्---who is anxious to embrace her lover