विकिस्रोतः तः
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एतत् पृष्ठम् अपरिष्कृतम् अस्ति

65 at the rise of the clouds. Cf. Meghadata-३. 'मेघालोके भवति सुखिनी- म्यन्यथावृत्ति चेता'. विद्यत्पक्षे-अम्भोदेन सह समागमः समवायस्तत्र प्रणयिनी--long- ing for the contact with the cloud.com]adv. Of her own freo will.---[रक्तारक्तवर्णा, अनुरक्ता च--Red and attached to. अत्राप्रस्तुतस्य विद्युत्कर्तृकमेपालिङ्गनस्य वर्णमेन स्वमप्येवं सम्भोगादिप्रदानेन कृतकृलं कुरिति ध्वनिः Chârudatta indirectly asks Vasantsenå to embrace him like the lightning &c. &c. The epithets for a &c. and I are ap- plicable to the paramour also. शार्दूलविक्रीडितं छन्दः, अत्र समासोस्यनुप्रा- णिसोपमालारस. अत्र पार्थीव्यञ्जनया चारुदत्तस्य सुरतप्रार्थनं व्यङ्गपं. 'परोक्तिभेदक लिः समासोक्ति'----Kavyaprakas's. P. 134. L. 17-18 (Verse 47). Louder and louder roar on, O cloud, through your kindness my love-sick frame lasting and horripilated on account of (Vasantasena's) embrace (lit. contact) assumes the quality of the Kadamba flower, The touch of Vasantasenâ exceedingly delighted Charudatta, consequently his hair on the body thrilled with joy and resembled the sprout of Kadamba flower.-संस्पर्श॰]-संस्पर्शेन वसन्तसेनामसंयोगेन रोमाश्चिर्स जातरोमाञ्चं तथा जातराग जातसम्भोगानुराग सत्-having passionate desire for onjoyment and hair ereut on account of Vasantasena's touch.--[**.] A kind of tree said to put forth buds at the roar- ing of thunder-clouds. Nice comparison. 'गात्रस्य कदम्बकुसुमोपगमरवं वर्षावनुगुणम्. The verse occurs in the सुभाषितरसभाण्डागार. Metre उपजाति (इन्द्रवज्रा+ उपेन्द्रवजा), P. 134. L, 22-23 (Verse 48). Let the cloudy day last for hundred years and let the lightning flash together with incessant torrents of rain, (it is owing to them) that this dear lady, inacces- sible to men of my position, bas graced me with her embrace. Chârudatta says that the clouds and the lightning have be. friended me and given me her for whom I sighed in vain. So these should not be reproved, O Maitreya, rathor laud them.' Or sfarcrare may be taken as an adjective to gita-let the over-cast sky send- ing down continual torrents endure for hundreds of years.- [अविरता]-अविच्छिन्ना धारा यस्मिन्-In which the rain falls in volume aninterruptedly. अविरता धारा यथा भवति तथा स्फुरतु-flash in a manner that it may rain without a break. Cf. w, 'रटतु जलधरः पतन्तु धाराः स्फुरतु तछिन्मरुतोपि वान्तु शीताः । इयमुरसि महौपधीव कान्ता सकलभयप्रतिघातिनी स्थिता मे॥ सुभाषितावलिः ərart Metre. P. 135. L. 2-8 (Verse 49). They live a really happy life (lit. their lives are really praiseworthy) who, with those of their own, encircle the showered and cold frames of beloved mistresses