विकिस्रोतः तः
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एतत् पृष्ठम् अपरिष्कृतम् अस्ति

48 are WO are P. 102. L. 14. [ətra:] Water-pitchers. Cf. Panjabi TATE. P. 103. L. 4. [fest souri) Savoury of asafoetida and oil. निश्वसतीव-उत्प्रेक्षा. P. 103. L. 5. (3617:) Exudation. P. 103. L. 6. (578714.) Blake one desire ardently. P, 103. L. 7. (x****] Here the butcher's boy washes the abdominal flesh of the animal slain (just now) like worn out garment.--[पटनरं.] Rag --- 'पटच्चरं जीर्णवस्त्रम् --अमरः. P. 103. L. 8. [रुपिदारक: Son of an assasin.---'रूपशब्दः पशुवचमः नद्योगाद्रूपी खट्टिकस्तस्य दारकः पुत्रः । यद्वा रूपी रूपसंघस्तस्य वारकच्छेदकः स एव.'-- Commentator. पेशी, पेश---'सुपरकणिके मास्यां खङ्गापिघानके । मांसपिण्ड्यामण्ड- भेदे' इति मेदिनी. (पिशू अवयवे इन्) Flesh, maeat. -[सूपकारः]-(सूप broth, sonp) Soupmaker, cook. --[7] Prepares. P. 103. L. 9 [attaats) May concbody thug address me 'honour us, Sir, and accept the ready meal and give me water for washing the feet (preparatory to the taking of dinner ). P. 103. L. 10. (re)--From the root on to obtain. P. 104. L. 2-3. (Verse 38). We (the bastards ) dallied in others' houses, fed by others' tread, the offsprings of parents whom no tie connects. (lít. hegot hy other men of other females). We enjoy others' wealth, our merits are indescribable. We sport like the cubs of elepliants. [गुणेप्ववाच्या ]---निर्गुणा इति यावत् ----[ ललाम]- The root लल-to play, firolic. पुष्पिताग्रावृत्तम्. P. 104. L. 8. [düstiti ] Skilful artists are mutually test- ing pearls, topazes, saphires, cuieralds, rubios, lapis-lazuli, corul and other jewels. Sone set ruties in gold. Here the gold ornaments are prepared, P. 104. L. 12. [पृष्यन्ते.] Are ground.--[धीरम्.] Steadily.-[शाण.] Grindstone. P. 105. L. 1. [TX.) Straw-bed.--Cartir] Is shaken, P. 105. L. 2. ( sri ) Essences are compounded. P. 105. L. 6. [ आस्वकरक.] Wine-cup. P. 106 L. 2. ( ago) Indeed the aviary is handsome. The pigeons, here hill and coo in comfort (lit. kissing each other). P. 106. L. 4. [4] Good saying; hymns of the Vedas. Fire figure here is characteristically beautiful.- kreira हिम्मादेः स्यक्रियारूपवर्णनम्'-Kavyaprakas'a. P. 106. I.. 5-6. [ano] The cuculus Indicus warbles like