विकिस्रोतः तः
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एतत् पृष्ठम् अपरिष्कृतम् अस्ति

the female water carrier--her note is sweet and delightful as she is orammed with juicy fruits (lit. with neck delightful because of tasting the juice of various fruits ). P. 106. L. 6. [arger. ) Cuckoo. It is said that her eggs are hatched over by others i. e, crowg. Cf... 'भागन्तरिक्षगमनारस्वमपत्यजात- मन्यैर्द्विजैः परभृतः खलु पोषयन्ति। S'akuntala V. 123. P, 106. L. 7. [नागदन्त.] Peg or bracket on the wall.-[लानक.] Quail. Cf. Kadambart p. 143. P. 106. L. 8. [*19*4r.) Francoline partridge. P. 106. L. 10. [farsappar. ] Fans the palace with his gem-embla- zoned tail, as if to cool its heated walls. (TTTT:). P. 106. L. 10. [faretar ) Like balls of moon-light. P. 106. L. 12. [Tel.] Old eunuchs. 6** cf. Arabic mahal, P. 106. L. 13. [arce.] Crane.--[FETT.] Stretching out, ex- tending, development. P. 107. L. 4. (****] As if his limbs were out of joints. P. 107. L. 3-10 (Verse 29). Nay not so. Thougla he is smooth, bright and fragrant still like the Champak plant growing in the funeral ground, he is not to be approached. Metre praf. P. 107. L. 12. (go] Garment of flowers, i. e. flowered cloth or a garment on which flowers are worked out. P. 108. L. 4. [कवटटाइणीए.] Portly old hag.--[पोह.]-उदर. Cf. Pet. P. 108. L. 4-5. [तत्किम् एसां०] I think she was first set up here like an unwieldy Mahadeva (Idol ) and then the doors were built. The speech is full of humour and seryos 28 & proof of Maitreya's wit. P. 109 L 1. ( TTT.] The person whose belly is swollen and fleshay. P. 109, L. 3-4 (Verse 30). If this mother (of Vesantsena) gwelled up with wine and other intoxicants for so many years, dies, then the carcass will be an ample dinner for thousand jackals.-- [पर्याप्तिका]-सौहित्य---Sutiety. Metre उपजातिः. सीधुः--'इक्षोः पक्कै रसैः सिद्ध सीधुः पक्करसश्च सः.' सुरा-'शालिषष्ठिकषिष्टादिकृतं मयं सुरा स्मृता'. आसव:---- 'यदपकोषधाम्बुभ्यां सिद्ध मयं स आसत्रः.' 5