विकिस्रोतः तः
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एतत् पृष्ठम् अपरिष्कृतम् अस्ति

CONTENTS Page Chapter III. DIRECTION, PLACE AND TIME. JUNCTION STARS OF THE ZODIACALASTERISMS AND CONJUNCTION OF PLANETS WITH THEM 56 Setting up of the gnomon 56-Finding the directions from the shadow of the gnomon 57, 59–Hypotenuse of the shadow 60-Finding the latitude of the place and the Sun's altitude 61--Sun's declination, day-radius, earthsine, and ascensional difference 62-Ascensional differences of the signs 65-Times of rising of the signs at the equator 68Times of rising of thesigns at the local place 69-Sun's meridian altitude, declination, and longitude 70-73,76-Latitude from the Sun's meridian zenith distance and declination 74Sun's altitude for the given time 74,77-78--Sun's altitude in the night 79—Time corresponding to the Sun’saltitude 80—Longitude of the rising point of the ecliptic 81—Longitude of the setting point of the ecliptic 82-To find the time from the longitudes of the Sun and the risingpoint of the ecliptic 82Sun's altitude, hour angle, and longitude when the Sunison the prime vertical 84-88-Locus of the shadow-end 89-92-Sun's agra and Sahkyagra and derivation of the equinoctial midday shadow therefrom 92-93-Finding the Sun's agra and Sahkyagra by the observation of the Sun and deriving the equinoctial midday shadow and the local latitude therefrom 94Finding the longitude of a planet or star with the help of that of another planet or star 95-Longitudes of the junction-stars of the naksatras 98-Celestial latitudes of the junction-stars 102-Conjunction in longitude of a planet and a star, and distance between them 102-Occultation of certain stars by the Moon 104. Chapter IV. TRUE LONGITUDE OF A PLANET 106 Sun's mean anomaly and its Rsine 106-Rsine of an arc 107-Sun's equation of the centre 110, 111-Sun's correction for the equation of time due to the eccentricity of the ecliptic 114—Bāhu and koți due to anomaly lo True distance of the Sun or Moon 115-True daily motion of the Sun or Moon 119-122-. True distance of the Sun or Moon by the eccentric theory 122-Sun's true longitude by the eccentric theory 125-Sun's correction for the equation of time due to the eccentricity of the ecliptic