विकिस्रोतः तः
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एतत् पृष्ठम् अपरिष्कृतम् अस्ति

CONTENTS Page under the eccentric theory 126-An approximate formula for the Sun’s declination 127—Correction due to the Sun’s ascensional difference 127-Semi-durations of day and night 128-Corrections for the Moon 129.--Tithi 130-Karana 131-Naksatra 132-Phenomena of vyatipata 132-Manda and sighra anomalies (kendra) for the planets 134-Corrected manda and sighra epicycles 134-Calculation of the true longitudes of the planets 136—Calculation of the true longitudes of the planets under the eccentric theory 141-145Mandakarna and sighrakarna 146-Direct and retrograde motions of a planet 146-True daily motion of the planets 148-Longitudes of the Sun and Moon at the end of the parva-tithi 152. Chapter V. ECLIPSES 53 Distances of the Sun and Moon 153-Diameters of the Earth, Sun, Moon and the shadow 153-157-Longitude of the meridian-ecliptic point 157-The five Rsines relating to a the Sun and to the Moon 158-162-Time of apparent conjunction of the Sun and Moon 162-Finding the Moon's latitude corrected for parallax (true nati) 166—Possibility of a solar eclipse 167-Calculation of an eclipse: Sparsa and moksasthityardhas 167-Sparsa and moksa vimardārdhas 168-Time of actual visibility of a solar eclipse 169Projection of an eclipse: Aksa-valana 169-Ayana-valana 171-Resultant valana 172-Finding the centre of the eclipsing body for the time of the first contact, last contact and middle of the eclipse 173-Difference of procedure in the case of a lunar eclipse 74-Measure of the eclipse 175Path of the eclipsing body 175-Calculation-and construc-. tion of the phase of the eclipse for the given time 175, 176Eclipse of the Moon: Diameter of the shadow 177 -Sthityardhas and vimardardhas 180-Direction of the Moon's latitude to be used in the projection of a lunar eclipse 180. Chapter VI. RISING, SETTING AND CONJUNCTION OF PLANETS 182 Visibility-corrections known as aksa-drikkarma and ayanadikkarma 182, 184-Visibility of the Moon 186-The phase of the Moon 187—Moon’s true declination 188-Elevation of the lunar horns 189-Graphical representation of the eleva