विकिस्रोतः तः
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एतत् पृष्ठम् अपरिष्कृतम् अस्ति

APPENDIX tr 80i Moreja Madgdocto Narple NTopula Maruddha Niko Mudriod Pide Padm@ Padmurtigo Poscic A kind of drum; Bame as Mrdago Name of a palace bnilt in a particular form. See note to VI--332 ; King; probably name of a king Blue water-lily Least common multiple. A golden coin The 12th place in notation A measure of length. 7ade 'Table 1, Appendix IV. The 15th place in notation. A kind of gem or precious stone Relating to he devil ; hence very difficult or com ple. A measure of time. Tide 'Table 2 of Appendix IV . A weight measure of gold, silver and other metals Vide Tables 4, 5, 6 of Appendix IV. A weight measure of gold; vide table 4 of Appendix Iv ; also a golden coin A kind of drom ; for longitudinal section see note to VII-82. Smallest particle. 76de Table 1, Appendix Iv. Arithmetical operation A Jaina saint ; one of the Trthakrds. Pakesc Pada Pad Powded Porman Parikarma Parse P|alt A tree with seet-scented blossoma Bigonia Succeptems. Polid A measure of sa w-work. Vide 'Table 10, Appendix I'; also note to VIII-68 to 87). A given qnantity corresponding to what has to be found out in a problom on the Rule-of-Three. Phon See note to y-2. Pop Name of a three ; the waved-leaf fig-troe, Ficus In fectoric or Religiosa Prabhago Fraction of a fraction PrdTrance Prolspoko Prak¢pako-karo7a Proming AMiscellaneous problems Proportionate distribution An operation of proportionate distribution A measure of length. Vide 'Table 1 of Appendix Iv. The given quantity corresponding to Iechd, in a problem on Rule-of-Three. See note to V-2. Literally, that which completes or fills; here, bsor metals mixed with gold; drons A measure of capacity in relation to gain. V6a Tables 3 and 6, Appendix I. Multiplication Proprika Prsth Progpcmbo