विकिस्रोतः तः
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एतत् पृष्ठम् अपरिष्कृतम् अस्ति

800 GANITSARASANGRAHA K+ge K¢abha K©b] Kudaha or Kudubo The 21st place in notation. 'he 23rd place in quotation. The 17th place in notation. A measure of capacity in relation to grain Table 3 of Appendix IV! DA do The pollen and filaments of the fowers of eaffron Kumbha Kama Croeux autious. Kurduced Kujdjo Kazakira Ltdha Int 2c Mudhak Name of a tree ; the Amoronth or the Burlerid, • Name of a tree ; Wrightio Antidgsentence. Proportionate division. See VI-9B ९uotint or share. Lakh. the 6th place in notation The place where the meridian passing through Ujjain meets the equator. A measure of time. Vide Table 2 of Appendix Iv. Name of a tree, Bossia Latiyolo, The middle term of a series in arithmetical progres sion. See note to II-63. The 14th place in notation. The 22nd place in notation The 24th place in notation The 18th place in notation. The 16th place in notation. The 20th place in notation Mudhgodha Mother Mahiksitga Mudhiksabha Malso Mohlpadambo Mohakukhd Mahird A name of Vardhamana. M% Morded A measure of capacity in relation to guraiu. Vid Table 8 of Appendix IV. A kind of drum ; for a longitudinal section, see note to I!--32. Section ; the line along which a piece of wood in cut by a Baw A weight measure of silverSee Tables 5, Appendix IV. Margo Maps Mary Mudhur Mrdago Maiderta Name of a fabulous mountain forming the centre of Jambdivilpa, all planets revolving round it. Mixed sum See note to I-80 to 82. A kind of drum ; for a longitudinal section, see note to VIII-32. A measure of time. Yade Table 2, Appendix Iv. The topside of a quadrilateral square root; a variety of miscellaneons problems on fractions de note to IV-83, Involving square root; a variety of nicoellaneous problems on fraotions. Vide note to 1Y-3 Muha Min Mulieru