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Nitesh Gill

About me

My name is Nitesh Gill and my username is also the same. I am working as a Punjabi Wikimedians since 2014. I am pursuing my PhD in Punjabi Literature from the University of Delhi.

My work

As an active member of the user group, I have completed my #1000wikidays once. During this target, I have created 1000 articles regarding females, directly or indirectly. My second #1000wikidays is going on. This time I am expanding the articles based on the same topic. Apart from this, I am supporting my fellow wikimedians, organising online or on-ground events and coordinating projects. I am also encouraging Punjabi Wikimedians to get more involved with the community and create more content on the local Wiki.

Contact me

Contact on my Meta talk page or mail gillteshu@gmail.com.

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