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विकिस्रोतः तः
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एतत् पृष्ठम् अपरिष्कृतम् अस्ति

10 Wale publishes other works relating to India, as follows Profe830r of Sanskrit, at Harvard University. Seventh issue, 1920. Royal 8 The Reader furnishes the text for 60 or 80 le30ns, and with it, the needed.lexion and notes. The notes make 0nstant reference to Whitney's Sanskrit Grammar: Bee below These two volumes supply all that is strictly indispensable for the beginner. The text is in the Oriental (Nagar) letters; but a transliteration of the first four pages in Roman letters is added. The Reader is designed especially to meet the needs of th08e who have The text, is chosen: 1. from Classical Sanskrit works (Nala-उtory, fables of Hittopade>:a, Manu's Laws'); and 2. from the Vedic literature (Rig-Veda hymns, Brahmanas, Sutras for wedding and burial). A literary-historical introduction is given for each kind of text. The vocabulary is in Roman letters, and is elaborated with the utmost care. Special hed is given to the development of the meanings (semantic8: pada, foot, le, leg of lamb, पuarter, पuarter of a four-lined stana, line, line of a three-lined stana) and also to the etymological cognates in English, Greek, and 30 on tha-t, i8-tu-d) by C. R. LAN.AN. 1889 Royal 8". Page3, 50. Price, 50 cents A reprint of the first 4 pages of the Reader (see above), transliterated from the (Oriental character8 into English letters. It corresponds page for page and line for line with its original, so that the references of the Wocabulary and Notes of the Reade apply exactly to this reprint. With the Grammar and Reader and this reprint, the student, is enabled to acquire a knowledge of the structure of the Sanskrit and to do 30me reading, without first, learning the Oriental letters. Sanskrit Grammar: including both the Classical language, and the older dialects of Veda University. Fifth issue, 1923, of second edition, 1889. 8°. Page8, 578. Price, 4.50 The greatest extant, repository of the grammatical facts concerning the Sanskrit language. A masterpiece of orderly arrangement. is a brief account of the 1iterature of India. vedanta Philosophy. Outline of the Vedanta Bystem of philosophy according to Shankara. vard University, and CATEARINE B. RणNKL of Cambridge, Massachusetts. Second edition. 1915. 8 Pages, 56. Price, 50 cent8. This b00k, a translation of the given by Deu58en at the end of his monu mental work, Da3 System des Vedanta, was first published in 1906. Since then, thanks to thelearning and enthusiasm of Charles Johnston, the whole great work has been made acce8ible in an English version (Chicago, 1912,The Open Court, Publishing Company) Nevertheless, the smal book was 30 inexpensां ve and practical, that, a new edition was ummary, although briefand compact, is yet, soluoid and adequate in short, 30 altogether admirable, that it is not likely 80on to be Buperseded by a better exposition of what has been to untold millions at once a philosophy and a religion. [Digitized by (Google