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विकिस्रोतः तः
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एतत् पृष्ठम् अपरिष्कृतम् अस्ति

The aim of this work is to help us to understand the oldest, religious document of Indo-European antiquity. The arrangement of Part 1 enables the student to bring under his eye at one time all the pa38age8 that he needs to compare, and to do 80 with utmost ea9e and speed. The material of this work was, from a typographical point of y intractable. The result as a whole is a marvel of clarity and con This work is the first of three natural8eguels to Bloomfield's great, Vedic Concordance 1. The Rig-Veda Repetitions; 2. The Reverse Con0rdance; 3. The Vedic Wariants. A draft of the second has been actually prepared by Bloomfield. And he and Edgerto have in hand the first draft of the third, a systematic presentation and critical discussio of the variant, reading of the Wedic text8 volumes 21 and 22 and 23. Rama's Later Elstory, or Uttara-Rama-Charita, an ancient Hindu drama by Bhavabhuti. Critically edited in the or ginal Sanskrit and Prākrit, with an introduction and English translation and notes and variants, etc. By SEाRPAD KRIBENA BELwALKAR, Graduate Student of Harvard University. (Now, 1920, Professor of Sanskrit at Deccan College, Poona, India.) Dr. Belvalkar, when returning to India in 1914 from his studies at Harvard, shipped his manuscript-collations and other papers and his books by the German freighter Fangturm. In August, 1914, the Fangturrm was intermed at the port of Palma, Baleari० Islands. In 1919, 3he was released. In May, 1920, Dr. Belvalkar recovered his papers. Volume 21 was issued in 1915, complete. 0f volume 22, the first 92 pages, containing the text of the whole play, have been in print, since January, 1915, awaiting for nigh five and one-half years the recovery of (0f volume 23, the material included collation-sheets giving the readings of manu: 8cripts from widely-separated parts of India, from Nepal to Madras, from Calcutta to Bombay. In spite of the generous assistance of His Majesty's Secretary of State for India in Council, the work of getting the loan of the8e m8. was 80 great that it seemed best, not to try to do it again, but to await the release of the Pangturn There is hope now that volume3 22 and28 may be issued. Wolume 21. Rama's Later Elstory. Part 1. Introduction and translation. (Prefixed is a convenient synoptic analysis of the play. The introduction treats of Bhavabhuti's life and date and works, and includes a summary of the Rāma-story as given by the Ramayapa. Lam an adds an essay entitled * A method for citing Sanskrit, drama. The method is very simple and practical.) 1915. Royal18. Page3 190. Price, 2 Volume 2. Rama's Later Elstory. Part 2. The text, with index, glo8aries, etc. (This was printed at Bombay, with the exquisitely beautiful type, newly cast for this work, of Javaji's Nirmaya Sagara Preas, and upon paper made expressly for this edition at the Wolveroote Mill of 0xford. Each Prākrit speech is followed by the Sanskrit, verion in immediate sequence.) See above. volume 23. Rama's Later Elstory. Part 8. Bxplanatory and critical epilogue. (Critical account of the manuscripta. Running exp08itory comment. The variant reading of the ma. The typographical ‘make-up' of Comment, and variants into pages is such that they goporposeu. These epilegomena close with an essay on the two text-traditions of the play, a time-analysis, a note on the Hindu stage, etc.) See above. volume 24. Rug-veda Repetitions. above, with volume 20 Parta2 and8. By Professor B [Digitized by (Google