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एतत् पृष्ठम् अपरिष्कृतम् अस्ति

PREFACE BY CAPPELLER T0 THIS, THE This revised edition of Pische's Sakuntal is made from an inter leaved copy of his first edition of the text, in which copy he had entered variants and emendations. For the work of revision, Pischel has not utilized much new manuscript material. Variants of a ms. H have been noted by Pischel at the beginning of act i, the monologue of the Widualka; but they are not of consequence enough to warrant any con Imanuscripts described in the preface to the first edition , only one new codex, manuscript B, has been collated throughout. Even this ms. B is of no special value. It abounds with blunders of every kind. One of these blunders, the senseless musmān for the common word āyusmān, may suffice as an index of the learning or intelligence of the scribe. Of the ms. used for the first edition, N is the one with which the new ms. B agrees the oftenest. As appears from the Variants, pages 1 51 to 249, it seldom happens that ms. B presents an original reading. This is however sometimes the case; and as examples may be cited ahiariadu, the reading of B for the ahipladu of i.4.4; its sansladi for the javasi of i.2.2; its pravi5ani for the gachāmi of i. 18. I 1; and its syālab throughout the prelude to act wi instead of magarakath-see wi.o. 10 on page 2009. - It is moreover worthy of note that four passages appear in ms. B only as marginal additions secunda manu. These are: imam, i.20. 14, to mulādo, i. 2o. 18; rj, i.24.54, to tish_ti, i.255. 1; aml vedIm, iv. Io.a, to -taravab, iv. I०.6; In ms. B, moreover, two passages are entirely missing. One is the brief passage raja, wi. 5. 1, to eab, wi.6, d; the other is the long passage paricido, i.28.4, to rupayant1, i.35.8. This second lacurna corresponds almost completely (so far as it goes) with a long love passage which is usually missing in the briefer ms., and of which only i.37, 2) appears in ms. B. It would be very strange if this lacuuma coincided exactly with missing folios of B, and Pischel would probably have aid so explicitly in his interleaved copy if such had been the case. In fact he sayछ: ,In B all from cido to ru inclusive is wranting [Digitized by (Google

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