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एतत् पृष्ठम् परिष्कृतम् अस्ति


signed; yet here and there, having in mind those who may take up this study without a teacher, I have added explanations which I should otherwise have left for oral communication by the instructor.

A detailed explanation of the changes in the grammatical part of the book would require too much space to be given here. They may be summarized in the statement that I have striven to remove all forms at present ‘‘non -quotable". In the explication of the rules I have sought to be brief, but never to the sacrifice of clearness. In very many cases not only the substance but also the words of Prof. WHITNEY's rules have been incorporated into those of the Primer, which was done with his sanction. It seemed quite needless to designate all such borrowings by quotation-marks.

Many acknowledgments are due to those whose aid has made possible the appearance of the work . Prof. BUHLER's ready generosity in consenting to the rendering of his book into a very different form from that which he gave it deserves most grateful mention. To Prof. WHITNEY I owe deep gratitude for many valuable suggestions; he was kind enough to look over the work in manuscript, and, later, to put at my disposal the advance sheets of his invaluable collection of verb - forms. To Prof. LANMAN I am equally indebted; as well for many useful hints as for the arduous task of looking over proof-sheets, which he imposed on himself with characteristic readiness. My pupil, Mr. A. V. W. JACKSON, assisted me not a little in the compilation of the Glossaries. My acknowledgments are also due to the printers, GEBR. UNGER (TH. GRIMM) of Berlin, for the careful manner in which their part of the work has been done.

From V. S. APTE's "Guide to Sanskrit Composition" I have derived occasional examples.

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