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विकिस्रोतः तः
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एतत् पृष्ठम् अपरिष्कृतम् अस्ति

60 Lesson XIII. terbal 190. The following additional prefixes are used with verbs: pue fixes : adria ufg'over, above, on’; vfq'unto, close upon)*; #fito, unto', alemin against' (often with implied violence); fa 'down, into, in’; ufa pratin back to, against, in return’; fq'apart, away, out'. 191. Both in verbal forms and in derivatives, the final 7 or 3 07 initial : S >$ of a prefix ordinarily lingualizes the initial Ħ of a root to which it is prefixed; and, in a few cases, the remains even after an interposed of augment or reduplication; thus, from FT + fa, fautefa; et + fa, pres. pass. fugtua, impf. pass. 42- Lefixes: Stera. Final 57. 192. The final # of prefixes in # and GF becomes a be- fore initial a, a, q, ; thus, from 03 + fart, formara. 5- 0.49 k, sh, P. Ph Vocabulary XIII. Verbs: | 25ą tufa (pratibháşate) answer A + #fa (atikrámati, -krámate)| (w. acc. of pers.). pass beyond or by, transgress. H+ 9 arise; rule.be ohavetö) eta + 33 (ujjáyate) be born, Te (racáyati) arrange, compose arise from (abl.). (a literary work). + 9 arise, come into existence. Fytofa (pratiședati) hold back; T + afg cover, keep shut. forbid. 7 + fa (vinácyati) disappear, hq +fa (nişévate) dwell; devote perish. oneself to; attend. 78 + HA (samnáhyati) gird; PT + yfy mount, stand above equip. or over; rule, govern. og + far (nispádyate) grow; +afa hinder; injure; offend. arise from (abl.). Histnati

  • Sometimes, with the verbs 78 and y, abbreviated to fa;

but in classical Skt. most commonly used as a conjunction : 'also”, 'too? Univ Calif - Digitized by Microsoft ®