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विकिस्रोतः तः
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एतत् पृष्ठम् अपरिष्कृतम् अस्ति

Lesson IX. Lesson IX. 49 prohibitive particle #T, becomes : thus, T ore becomes 7 छाया; आ + शदयति = आच्छादयति. 166. An initial 7 of a root generally becomes after a noņ verbal prefix containing J, either original or representing F; such as AIT ‘between', fare, qTT, etc. Thus, puera, fauefa. 167. The following prefixes are often used before verbs: ya Terbar after, along, toward'; va ‘dowo, off'; 87 up, up forth or out'; ani- AVA- 39 'to, toward'; fa 'down; in, ipto'; fork out, fortb’; OTT 'to a distance, away'; off round about, around”; D 'forward, fortb’; HH along with, completely.' AC - LDA - nis- para sari pra - Sam - Vocabulary IX. consecrate, lauad Active Verbs: f6047 (parājáyate) be con- TH+ va (avagácchati) under- quered (rarely w. act. sense: stand. conquer). + ta (avatárati) descend. 45+ (prapádyate) flee for re- + 39 (upanayati) introduce, fuge (acc.) to (acc. of person). fore(bhikṣate) beg, get by begging. tuft (parinayati) lead about; air (denom. — mrgáyate) hunt marry. for, seek. 07 + 8€ (utpátati) fly up. ga (vártate) exist, subsist, be, E +99 (avarohati) descend, become. (çóbhate) be brilliant, shine; Deponents: be eminent. TA + HH (saingácchate) come together, meet. (w.hiofree! dismount Sabst.: Ty m., arrow. işil RT f., daughter, maiden. Perry, Banskrit Primor. J7 TiT gañgā f., n. pr., the Ganges. e m., householder, head of | family. grhastha Univ Calif - Digitized by Microsoft ®