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विकिस्रोतः तः
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एतत् पृष्ठम् अपरिष्कृतम् अस्ति

Lesson XXVI. XXVII. | 109 18. The meeting of the men and women took place on the road. 19. In the Veda they call the sun Pūşan, Mitra (m.), Aryaman, and Savitar. 20. Water also is named (गण्य, pass.) among the deities in the Rik (use a) and in the sacrificial formulas. 21. Be gracious, O Çiva, to biped and quadruped. 22. The seers’ view is, that fire is to be found in the water (use go, and make a direct statement with gfa). 23. The Asura was slain by Maghavan with a bone of Dadhyañc. 24. Who knows the wind's path (pass.)? 25. Mother, satisfy (my caus.) the child with curds. 26. Have food brought (use 21-01, caus., pl.) from our friend's house. 27. The Maruts are Maghavan's friends. se Lesson XXVII. 285. Demonstrative Prononns. Two demonstrative-declensions are made up with particular irregularity: they are those of the pronouns अयम् and असौ (for which the natives give the stem-forms as इदम् and अदस respectively). The first is a more indefinite de- monstrative: “this' or 'that'; the other signifies especially the re- moter relation. 286. अयम् (इदम्): Masculine. Feminine. | Sing. Dual. Plural. Sing. Dual Plural. N. अयम् इम इमे इयम् इमे माप्त A. इमम् । इमान् इमाम् । I. अनेन आभ्याम् एभिस अनया आभ्याम् आभिस D. अस्मै एभ्यस् । अस्यै अभ्यस् Ab. अस्मात् अस्यास् G. अस्य अनयोस् एषाम् अनयोस् आसाम् L. अस्मिन् एषु अस्याम् आसु Univ Calif - Digitized by Microsoft ®