विकिस्रोतः तः
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पुटमेतत् सुपुष्टितम्


dhantakaumudi, the Dhatuvrtti, the Manorama and the Paribhasen- dusekhara. हेमहंसगणि a grammarian belonging to the school of Hemacandra, who lived in the fifteenth century and wrote a work on Paribhasas named न्यायसंग्रह, on which he him- self wrote a commentary called न्यायार्थमञ्जूषा and another one call- ed by the name न्यास.

हेलाराज a learned grammarian who wrote a commentary on the third Kanda of the Vakyapadiya of Bhartrhari to which he has given the name प्रकीर्णप्रकाश.

हैमकौमुदी an exhaustive commen- tary on the Sabdanusasana of Hemacandra written by a Jain grammarian Meghavijaya in the seventeenth century which is similar to the Siddhāntakaumudi of Bhattoji Diksita,

हैमधातुव्याख्या written by a Jain gra- mmarian named पुण्यसुंदर which is similar to the Madhaviya Dhatuvrtti.

हैमबृहत्प्रक्रिया a work very similar to the Siddhantakaumudi written by a comparatively modern Jain scholar named Girijashankar Shastri.

हैमबृहदवृत्ति a gloss written on the Haima Sabdanusasana sutrapatha by Hemacandra himself. See हेमचन्द्र above.

हैमबृहन्न्यास an extensive critical com- mentary written by Hemacandra on his own work, Haima Sabdanu- sasana. See हेमचन्द्र.

हेमलघुप्रक्रियावृत्ति a topic-wise work based on Hemacandra's Sabdanu-

sasana written by Vinayavijaya, a Jain scholar of grammar.

हैमलघुवृत्ति a short gloss on the Sab- danusasana, written by Hema- candra himself. See हेमचन्द्र above.

हैमालिङ्गानुशासन a treatise on genders written by हेमचन्द्र, See हेमचन्द्र above.

हैमलिङ्गानुशासनविवरण a commentary, written in the seventeenth cen- tury by Kalyanasagara on the हैमलिङ्गानुशासन.

हैमलिङानुशासनव्याख्या a commentary named उद्धार also, written by Jaya- nanda on the हैमलिङ्गानुशासन.

हैमव्याकरण a treatise on grammar written by हेमचन्द्र, called by the name हेमशब्दानुशासन. See हेमचन्द्र above.

हैमशाब्दानुशासन a treatise on gram- mar written by Hemacandra. See हेमचन्द्र above.

हैमशब्दानुशासनलघुन्यास a short comm- entary on Hemacandra's Sabdanu- sasana written by Devendrasuri. हैमशब्दनुशासनवृत्ति a short gloss call- ed अवचूरि also, written by a Jain grammarian नन्दसुन्दर on the हैम- शब्दानुशासन.

ह्यस्तनी imperfect tense; a term used by ancient grammarians for the affixes of the immediate past tense, but not comprising the present day, corresponding to the term लङ् of Panini. The term is found in the Katantra and Haima- candra grammars; cf. Kat. III. 1.23, 27; cf. Hema. III. 3.9.

ह्रस्व short, a term used in connec- tion with the short vowels taking a unit of time measured by one matra for their utterance; cf. ऊकालोज्ङ्ररस्वदीर्घप्लुतः P. I. 2.27.