विकिस्रोतः तः
नेविगेशन पर जाएँ खोज पर जाएँ
पुटमेतत् सुपुष्टितम्

convention of a standard author. Purusottamadeva applies the word परिभाषा to the maxims of standard writers, cf. परिभाषा हिं न पाणिनीयानि वचनानि; Puru. Pari. 119; while Haribhaskara at the end of his treatise परिभाषाभास्कर, states that Vyaadi was the first writer on Paribhaasas. The rules तस्मिन्निति निर्दिष्टे पूर्वस्य, तस्मादित्युत्तरस्य and others are in fact Paribhaasa rules laid down by Panini. For the difference between परिभाषा and अधिकार, see Mahabhasya on II.1.1. Many times the writers of Sutras lay down certain conven- tions for the proper interpretation of their rules, to which additions are made in course of time accor- ding to necessities that arise, by commentators. In the different systems of grammar there are different collections of Paribhasas. In Panini's system, apart from commentaries thereon, there are independent collections of Pari- bhasas by Vyadi, Bhojadeva, Purusottamadeva, Siradeva, Nila- kantha, Haribhaskara, Nagesa and a few others. There are inde- pendent collections of Pari- bhasas in the Katantra, Cand- ra, Sakatayana,Jainendra and He- macandra systems of grammar. It is a noticeable fact that many Paribhasas are common, with their wordings quite similar or sometimes identical in the different systems. Generally the collections of Paribhasas have got scholiums or commentaries by recognised grammarians, which in their turn have sometimes other glosses or commentaries upon them. The Paribhaasendusekhara of Nagesa is an authoritative work of an outstanding merit in the system of Paninis Grammar, which is

commented upon by more than twenty five scholars during the last two or three centuries. The total number of Paribhasas in the difer- ent systems of grammar may well- nigh exceed 500. See परिभाषासंग्रह.

परिभाषाप्रकाशा an independent trea- tise explaining the various Pari- bhasas in the system of Panini's grammar, written by Visnusesa of the famous SeSa family.

परिभाषाप्रदीपार्चिस् a scholarly inde- pendent treatise on Vyakarana Paribhasas written by Udayamkara Pathaka, called also Nana Pathaka, a Nagara Brahmana, who lived at Benares in the middle of the 18th century A. D. He has also written commenta- ries on the two Sekharas of Naagesa.

परिभाषाभास्कर (1) a treatise on the Paribhasas in Panini's grammar written by Haribhaskara Agni- hotri, son of Appajibhatta Agni- hotri, who lived in the seventeenth century : (2) a treatise on Panini- paribhasas, as arranged by Sira- deva, written by Sesadrisuddhi,

परिभाषार्थसंग्रहृ a treatise on the Paribhasas in the system of Panini's grammar written by Vaidyanatha Sastrin.

परिभाषावृत्ति a general name given to an explanatory independent work on Paribhasas of the type of a gloss on a collection of Pari- bhasas,irrespective of the system of grammar, whether it be that of Panini, or of Katantra, or of Jainendra or of Hemacandra. The treatises of Vyadi (Panini system), Durgasimha and BhavamiSra (Katantra system), Purusottama- deva and Siradeva (Panini system),