विकिस्रोतः तः
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एतत् पृष्ठम् अपरिष्कृतम् अस्ति

यतो मेरुः श्रीमान्निपतति युगान्ताग्निवलितः
समुद्रः शुष्यन्त प्रचुरमकरग्राहनिलयाः ।
धरा गच्छत्यन्तं धरणिधरपादेरपि धृता
शरीरे का वार्ता करिकलभकर्णाग्रचपले ॥।७२ ॥

 72. Seeing that, when set all over with the fires of cyclic destruction the stately mountain. Meru topples down, the seas which are the abode of numerous sharks and aquatic animals are dried up, and the earth (itself) comes to an end, though held firm by the feet of mountains, what to speak of this body as unsteady as the tip of the ear of a young elephant !

 [ धरणिधर-—According to Hindu mythology the moun tains are regarded as the supporters of the earth युगान्ताग्नि-cosmic confiagration at the end of a —The cycle.]

गात्रं संकुचितं गतिविगलिता भूटा च दन्तावलि
दृष्टिर्नश्यति वर्धते बधिरता वक्त्रं च लालायते ।
वायं नाद्रियते न बान्धवजनो भार्या न शुभूषते
हा कई पुरुषस्य जीर्णवयसः पुत्रोऽप्यसिआयते ।।७३।।

 73. (In old age) the body becomes shrivelled, the gait becomes unst¢adythe teeth fall out, the eye-sight is fost, deatfn$$ increases, the month $laVers, relatives do not value (one's} words, the wf does not nurse, and ever1 tth soft furns hostile, Oh the misery of a man of Worn-out age !