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विकिस्रोतः तः
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एतत् पृष्ठम् परिष्कृतम् अस्ति
Act VI, Notes & Translation

 समरशिखि...शेषाः-समरः एव शिखीं तस्य शिखाभिः ये दग्धाः तेभ्यः। शेषाः (अवशिष्टाः). Surviving those that perished in the flames of the great fire of war.

 हृतकरि---हितैः लीनैः युष्माभिः आस्यते an impersonal construction equivalent in sense to अन्तर्हिताः लीना; यूयं आध्वे.

 Translation :-I am neither a goblin nor a ghost ; but I am only a furious Kshtriaya whose limbs are now thoroughly gratified by the pleasant water consisting of the blood of the enemy (Duryodhana) and who has completely crossed the deep ocean, namely, the perilous undertaking. 0 warlike princes, survivors of those that perished in the flames of the fire of war, away with this terror of yours (which appears) in this, that you are lying hidden behind horses and elephants slain !

 चितासमीपम- The close proximity of the blazing funeral pile'; the spot next to the funeral fire'. समीप is here a regular noun and object. to 'संभावयामि' and not an adverbial a causative, which it most commonly is. संभावय -To honour or do justice to, of course, by having recourse to.

 P. g8. अभिपातय caus., 'to throw into' or force into, from अभिपत् which is a transitive root implying motion.

 परिकर बध्नाति– Vide note, P. 94.

 नयनपथावरोधिनः–नयनपथं ( = नयनयोः पन्थानं ) अवरुन्धान्ति तथाभूताः ( मूवजाः ). (Hair) that obstructs your views.

The way in which the words ‘संहर्तव्या' and 'संहरामि' are used here and 'वेणीसंहारं' below ought to decide the question as to which of the interpretations put upon the title 'वेणीसंहार' is preferable. Vide P.5.

 St. 38. पाप आशैशवात् अनुदिनं जनितापराधः, भुजयोः बलैन मत्तः, हृतराजपुत्रः ( त्वं ) अद्य में भुजपञ्जरस्य इदं अन्तरं आसाद्य जीवन् पदात् पदं न प्रयासि.

आशैशवात् (= शैशवात् प्रभृति ), अनुदिनम् (= दिने दिने ) an Avyayibhava compound. जनितापराधः---जनिताः अपराधा. येन तथा भूतः ( त्वं दुर्योधनः ). हतराजपुतः--हतौं राजपुत्रौ( भीमार्जुनौ ) येन.

 Transaction :-0 villain, you, who have, from day to day, wronged us ever since childhood, being elated with the pride of strength, and who have, indeed, slain the two Princess (Bhima and Arjuna), shall, however, not stir an inch alive now, having got into the space within this cage of my arms (i.e. into my grasp).