विकिस्रोतः तः
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एतत् पृष्ठम् अपरिष्कृतम् अस्ति

vss. 14-1 5 (i)] DEFECTS OF THE jfivdbhukti 23 in the inverse order, from thecurrent Rsine-difference as the quotient-number. Then having multiplied the remainder, in minutes of arc, obtained (above) by dividing the (daily) motion of the (Moon's) mean anomaly by 225, by the next Rsine-difference, in the inverse order, and divided by 225, add the resulting Rsine-difference, too, to the Rsine-difference obtained before (by addition). This is (the process) in the odd anomalistic quadrant. In the even (anomalistic) quadrant, on the other hand, having multiplied the succee- ding portion of the current elementary arc by the current Rsine-difference and divided that by 225 and (then) having taken the resulting Rsine-differ- ence, subtract from the (daily) motion of the (Moon's) mean anomaly the succeeding portion of the current elementary arc. Also, then, take, in the direct order, the Rsine-differences resulting from the remaining motion of the (Moon's) mean anomaly. Thus are to be taken the Rsine-differences in the inverse and direct order. If here (i.e., in the above process) the Rsine- differences to be taken in the inverse order come to an end (due to the end of the odd quadrant falling within the arc corresponding to the motion of the Moon's anomaly), then for the remaining arc take the Rsine-differences in the direct order. When the Rsine-differences to be taken in the direct order come to an end, then take the Rsine-differences in the inverse order. There (i.e., in such cases) for the Rsine-differences taken in the direct and inverse order motion-correction is obtained separately. Having mutiplied the Rsine- difference (corresponding to the daily motion of the Moon's mean anomaly), thus obtained, by her (tabulated) epicycle viz. 7 and divided (that) by 80, the result should, as before, be subtracted from or added to the (Moon's) mean (daily) motion (according as the Moon is) in the half-orbit beginning with the (anomalistic) sign Capricorn or in that beginning with Cancer. Where, however, there are (two) corrections derived from the Rsine-differ- ences taken in the direct order as well as in the inverse order, there the two corrections are applied to the mean (daily) motion (of the Moon) in accor- dance with their (anomalistic) quadrants. That is the true (daily )motion (of the Moon)." The rationale of the above rule is exactly similar to that of the previous one. The difference is that the motion of the Moon'i apogee is also taken into account in this case. Defects of the jivabhukti : 14-15 (i). (According to the rules stated above) whilst the Sun or the Moon moves in the (same) element of arc 1 , there is 1 Vide supra, p. 22 footnote [})