विकिस्रोतः तः
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एतत् पृष्ठम् अपरिष्कृतम् अस्ति

Adding to the lower number 1 the product of the upper १u5otient obtained in the beginning, we get Hence

  • ४=4, y=13.

13 29. When the residue of the sign, or degree, etc., is given. (472 alter72tue Pr0685): केचिद्गृहादिशेषे (ज्ञाते) तन्मण्डलादिशेषस्य । तन्मानं चानयते भाज्यस्थाने तु परिकल्प्य ।। २१ ।। कृत्वा कुट्टाकारं मण्डलशेषेण तत्र लब्धेन । भगणानां च दिनानामानयने कुर्वते भूयः ।। २२ ।। number 4 and the t.८., *When the residue of the sign, etc., is known, some (writers),assuming the number of signs, etc., in a revolution as the dividend and applying the process of the pulveriser, first find out the residuce of the revolution, and then from the residue of the revolution obtain the revolutions (performed by the planet) and the days (i.e., allarga10) by applying the same process again ." The following example will illustrate this rule. Bx. 5. The residue of the sign of the Sun is 154168; find (alkarga79) and the revolutions and signs of the Sun's longitude. Here we first solve the pulveriser 12u - 154168 , where a denotes the residue of the revolution the Sun's longitude. Thus we get 14=82977 , the days of the Sun, and u the signs of