विकिस्रोतः तः
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एतत् पृष्ठम् अपरिष्कृतम् अस्ति

(2) Additional Verse in Chapter II. The verse in question is तिथ्यर्धहारलब्धानि करणानि बवादितः । विरूपाणि सिते पक्षे सरूपाण्यसिते विदुः । [t occurs in MSS. A, C, ID, and P and also in the Mahā Bhaskarya. In MS. B, too, it is found to occur ; but from the opening remarks of the commentator Saikaranarayama it appears that he does not take it as forming part of the Logbu-Bhaskary0. “How is the kara10 to be known ? Bhaskara I) has stated (the method for This very darya (16., determining) it in the तिथ्यर्धहारलब्धानि करणानि बवादितः । विरूपाणि सिते पक्षे सरूपाण्यसिते विद्ः ।।' The above verse may not have occurred in the Loghu Bhaskaryot as Sarikaranarayapa seems to believe, but as the verse is a composition of Bhaskara I and occurs in most of the manus cripts of the Loghu-Bhaskarju , and is relevant to the context, I have included it in the edited text. In my opinion the text would be incomplete without this verse. For, when the text gives rules for the titlhi, 10ksatra and yutt}ळta, there is no reason why there should be no rule for the karapa which is an equally important element of the Hindu Calendar (Paffciga) (3) Additional Verses in Chapter VII. The following two verses are found to occur in MS. D in the seventh chapter between verses 9 and 10 of our edited text. In P they are included in the text and are numbered as 10 and 11. अत्यष्टिविश्वरुद्राङ कतिथ्याप्ता बाणसागराः । बिम्बानि भूसुताद्यासशीघ्रकर्णान्तरैः पुनः ।