विकिस्रोतः तः
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एतत् पृष्ठम् अपरिष्कृतम् अस्ति

[] obtained by the method of successive approximations and divided by the radius (i.e., by 3438) give their true distances in That is, Sun's true distance in ygja705 and Moon's true distance in y9jaras Sun's meam distance in y9a71015xSun's true distance in minutes A rule for finding the and Moon's meam distance in y9jarl45 x Moon's 20C. Diameters of the Sun, the Moon and the Earth : 4. The diameter of the Sun is 410 (19jaraऽ); of Moon, 315 (wgjaras); and of the Earth, 1050 (19ja745). * 343ॐ' That is, angular Moon's diameter in true distance in diameters of the Sun 5. Multiply the radius ( i.e., 3438') (separately) by their diameters in y9jar105 and divide by their true distances in 19jaraऽ: then are obtained their true (i.e., angular) diameters in minutes Sun's diameter in y9jaras x 3438' Sun's true distance in 199jaras minutes of arc: minutes Moon's diameter in yojards x 3438 Moon's true distance in y9jaras and the the

  • See supra, i.7.
  • The ame rule is given in MBh, v.3; 5:D7, 1, iv. 5(); S:5, v. 4 (ii);

SiSi, 1, v. 5(); and 7S, iv. 10(ii)-11 .

  • The same walues are given in MBi, v. 4; SiDW, I, iv. 6 (); and 7७,

iv. 10(i).

  • Cf. AMBh, wः 5.