विकिस्रोतः तः
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एतत् पृष्ठम् अपरिष्कृतम् अस्ति

vs. 28 ] Calculation of the titlt : 31 26(ii)-27. Having reduced (the longitude of) the Moon Iminus (the longitude of ) the Sun to minutes of arc, divide it by 720: the quotient is the (number of ) tilhas clapsed (since Imew moon). On multiplying (the portions of the current till, elapsed and to be clapsed severally) by 60 and dividing by the difference between the (true) daily motions (of the Sun and Moon ) are obtained (the ghapts) clapsed and to be clapsed (of the current titlhi).1 A 1umar month, which is defined in Hindu astronomy as the period from one new moon to the next, is divided into 30 parts. called titlis (or lumar days). The first titl begins just after new moon (when the Sur and Moon have the same longitude) and continues till the Moon is 12" (or 720') in ad vance of the Sun; the second tith then begins and continues till the Moon is 24* in advance of the Surn; the third titlt' then begins and continues till the Moon is 36" in advance of the Sun; and so on. The fifteenth titlhi is called Purplina or Purpimals (“the full moon tithi'), and the thirtieth titlt is called Amāvasya or Amavasya (“the tithi in which the Sun and Moon are in conjuc tion', i.e., “the new moon titlhi ) The first feen tilis fall in the light half of the lunar month and the remaining fifteen titlhis in the dark half of the lumar month. The tilis falling in either of the two halves are numbered 1, 2, 3, the thirtieth titl:# being, however, numbered 30. The rule given above gives the number of tilliऽ clapsed since new moon, and the time clapsed at sumrise since the beginning of the current titlt as also the time to clapse at sumrise before the commencement of the next tith 28. The kara11as (elapsed) are obtained by talking “half the measure of the titlhi (i.e., 360 minutes)” for the divisor, and are counted with Bava. But the number of karands elapsed in the light half of the month should be diminished by 076, whereas those clapsed in the dark half of the month should be increased