विकिस्रोतः तः
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एतत् पृष्ठम् अपरिष्कृतम् अस्ति

NTRODUCTION V The edited text of the Maha-Bhaskariya contains 402 and a half verses, of which 387 and a half occur in all manuscripts. The remaining fifteen verses, which occur either in MSS. A and B or in MS. C, are of the following categories : (1) Those which have been commented upon by all commentators, viz. i. 8, 12; iii. 75(i); iv. 2(i); v. 18, 26-27(i), 47-48(i); vi. 14(ii)-15(i), 19(i), 26, 36(ii), 4 I, and 58(iii). (2) Those which have been commented upon in one or two commentaries only, viz. iii. 74(ii); iv. 13 ; viii. 23-24. Inclusion in the edited text of the verses of the first category requires no explanation. Those of the second category have been taken as genuine for the following reasons: Half-verse iii. 74(iii). This has been regarded as genuine because it is relevant to the context and the subject matter contained in it has its counterpart in the author's smaller work, the Laghu-Bhaskariya. It occurs in MSS. A. and B and forms part of a passage vv. 71-75(i) which describes the occultation of certain stars by the Moon. This description is a statement of facts and hardly requires any explanation, which explains why the half-verse in question has been left unexplained by Govinda Svami and Paramesvara. The author of the commentary Prayoga-racana has simply paraphrased it. Verse iv. 13. The genuineness of this verse is evident from the mention of the word “athava' (meaning “or') in the beginn ing of the next verse 14, which shows that verse 14 gives an alternative method. Verse 13 is thus indispensable, for if it is removed verse 14 would no longer be an alternative method. The author of the Prayoga-racana, commenting on these two Verses, states :