विकिस्रोतः तः
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एतत् पृष्ठम् अपरिष्कृतम् अस्ति


ol, EW. =
(a) Studies in Hindu Law (4): Judicial Procedure: by Gaigs
natha Jha
(b) History and Bibliography of Nyइya Vaibesika Literature,
by Gopinath Kaviraj.
(७) Analysis of the contents of the Rgveda-Prbisakhya, by
Maigala Deva Sastri.
(d) Narayana's Gapita kaumudi, by Padmakara Dvivedi
(e) Food and Drink in the Ramayanie Ageby Manmabha
natha Roy
(i) Satkarya vEda: Causality in Shikhya, by Gopinatha Kaviraj.
(g) Discipline by Consequences, by G. L. Sinha.
(h) History of bhe origin and expension of the Aryans.
by A. C. Ganguly.
(i) Punishments in Ancient Indian Schools,by G.L. Sinha. Rs 5.
Vol. V.
(4) Ancient Home of the Aryans and their migration to Indin
by A. C. Ganguly
(b) A Satrap Coin, by Shyamalal Mehr.
(c) An Estimate of the Civilisation of bhe Vanaras as depicted
in the Ramayana, by Manmatha natha Roy.
(a) A Comparison of the contents of the Rgveda, Vajasaneya, Tat
biriya & Atharvaveda Pratisakhyas, by Maigala Deva Sastri
(e) Formal Training and the Ancient Indian Thought, by G.L.
(£) History and Bibliography of Nyइya Vaisesika Literature,
by Gopinath Kavirछj.
(g) A Descriptive Index to the names in the Ramइvana, by
Manmatha natha Roy.
(h) Notes and ueries, (1) Virgin Worship, by Gopinath
Vol. VI
(2) Index to Sabara's Bhasya, by bhe late Col. G. A. Jacob,
(b) Some Aspects of the History and Doctrines of the Nathas,
by Gopinabh Kaviraj
(o) An Index etc. the Ramayana, by Manmatha nitha Roy.
(d) Studies in Hindu Law by M. M. Gaiganatha Jha.
(e) The Mimamsa manuscripts in the Govt. Sanskrit Library
(Bonares), by Gopinabha Kaviraj.
(6) Notes and Queries, by opinEdha Kaviraj.