विकिस्रोतः तः
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एतत् पृष्ठम् अपरिष्कृतम् अस्ति

y o] । (a) Studios in Indi In (+ ) /ll® | Procoduno by the 1 nईth°Jhe (b) I 1story and B bliography of N१ V 18esnka Interd*ure, by Gop1nath Kar , (७) Analysis of the Contents of {he Rgeda Pritsakhy, b; Mangalp Dev Sast1 (a) Narayana's Gannta kaumudh, by Padmak१ Doved (७) Nood and Drn in lie Ramay°me Age, b M m tha natha Boy (ty Shokaya vयंdh Causality in Sankhya, by Gop1nath Ka ta] (४) Dscipline by Consequences, by G L S1mh (h) History of the origin and expanson of the Aryans by A C Ganguly (1) Punashnents 1n Anc1ent Indian Schools,by &L Sinh Rs 5 Vol V. () Ancient Home of the A1 vans and then ulgation to India, by A c Ganguly (b) A Sattap Con, by Shyamalal Nehr () An Estimate of the C1vilisation of the Vanas s depicted 1n the Ramayana by 17anmatha natha Roy (d) A Compa1son of the contents of Rgveda, Vaas°ne;', 'Ta tniya & Abharva eda Phata15 khy५by Mangala Deva S' Estrl (e) Formal Taning and the Anc1ent Indian Thought, b & L Sinha (£) History and Bibliography of Nyay 21s'eska Literature by Gop1Path Kavrs] (g) A Descriptive Index to the names in the Ramayana, by Manmatha nath Roy (h) Notes and Queries (1) Virgun worship, by Gopanath Karra Vol VI-( In progress) (a) Index to Sabara's Bhasya, by the late Col G A Jacob (b) Some Aspects of the Hstory and Doctrines of the Nathas, by opnath Kavraj (८) Shudes 1n Hindu Law (5) Evidence, by Ganganatha Jh¥ To be had of The Supenntendent, GovernmetPress Allahabad U P. ( India )