विकिस्रोतः तः
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एतत् पृष्ठम् अपरिष्कृतम् अस्ति

all practical purposes, the Vedantist would hold that the whole phenomenal world, both in its objective and subjective character, should be accepted as real. It is as real as anything can be to the ordinary mind. It is not mere emptiness, as the Buddhists maintain. And thus the Vedanta philosophy leaves to every man a wide sphere of real usefulnessand places him under a law as strict and binding as any thing can be in this transitory life. It leaves him a Deity to worship as onmnipotent and majestic as the deities of any other religion. It has room for almost every religion, nay, z¢ 8212braces &la % all. It is ShriShankar's distinction, to adopt Dr. Deussen's words, between Pra and Abra Vidya, between empirica (व्यावहारिकी) and metaphysical'(पारमार्थिकीसत्ता) existence, between phenomena and the thing-in-itself, and this distinction alone which makes it pos sible to give full freedom of action to the natural sciences in their tendency to complete materialism, and yet, by way of the most con vincing proofs, to attain to a philosophical view of things in which all essential saving truths of religion are obtained from the mere analysis of the facts of inner experience. And, therefore, Vedanta has no quarrel with science or civilisation. It says (Indulge as much as you can in the revelries of science, conquer worlds, build empires, frift the earth, fash the lighteningsroll the waters, weigh the Sun, but always remember that these are not the end of exis. tence, but that the heart must be satisfied as well as the intellect.' , The Vedanta emphatically condemns the procrustean uni formity now relentlessly enforced by the competitive ideal prevailing in Europe . Darwin sumnned up this ideal in the ten memorable words, Marry, multiply, let the strongest live, and the weakest die!! This is the most heartless doctrine ever offered for the salvation of mankind १ ) That modern civilisation is lacking in some of the noble elements of humanity has been pointed out by many of the leading writers:- !{{Your average Englishman, says Carlyle, does not