विकिस्रोतः तः
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एतत् पृष्ठम् अपरिष्कृतम् अस्ति

304 GANITAKARASANGRAHA. vardhanta ... Name of the chief of tho Jinas ; vide inc•Yurodha Vorgama rna •• 8quare root. ... iterally colour; here denotes the proportion of pure gold in any given piece of gold, pure gold being taken to be of 16 words , ... Curious and interesting problems involving propor tionate division 'cird-kutpkdro .. Vidgddhard-tago A rectangular town is what seems to be intended here. Viometrkirc ... Proportionate distribution involving fractional quantities. Vide footnoto on p. 125. V»mosainkroma An operation involving the halves of the sum and the difference of the two quantities represented by the divisor and the quotient of any two given quantities. See note to VI-2. Vost A measure of length. Vide Table 1 of ppendix Iv. retbad Name of a Jaina saint; one of the Tirthakaraa. vgadharaguld A measure of length. vide Table 1 of Appendix IV [g¢kita ... subtraction of part of a series from the whole series in arithmetical progression . See note on page 34. Ydeya ... ... A kind of grain; a measure of length, Vide Table 1, Appendix Iv. ILongitudinal seotion of a grain; for diagram see note to VII-32. (ovakoi ... A place 90° to the Bast of Lanka. Yogg ... Penance; practice of meditation and mental con centration , Yoja A measure of length. Vide Table 1, Appendix v॥