विकिस्रोतः तः
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एतत् पृष्ठम् अपरिष्कृतम् अस्ति

APPENDIX IT. 297 'Avogadhana Any Ariacademi Arbo Arjanwo Asite The last term of a series in arithmetical or geometrical progression. Atom or particle. See stanzas 25 to 2, Chapten I and Iable 1, Appendix IV Name of a Jaina saint; one of the 24 Trthikards. Name of the eleventh place in notation. Name of a tree; Terminolid Arjung, w. & A. Name of a tree ; Grialed Tomentoad , Name of a tree ;Jonesia Asoka Rocb. A kind of approximate measure of the cubioal con. tents of an excavation or of a solid. see note to VIII-2. This kind of approximate measure is called Autbra by brahmagupta. A measure of time. Yde Table 2, Appendix Iv. Do. do, Added Andro-Andraphoto Adolf Agama Bjo Literally seed; here it is used to donote a set of two positive integers with the aid of the product and the squares whereof, as forming the nmeasure of the sides, a right angled triangle may be cong. tructed. vide note to VII--20A A measure of baser metals. Vide Table 8, Appendix. IV. Bhage A simple fraction, A variety of miscellaneous probloms on fractions see note to IV-B Bhagobhiga Bhagaibhuded A complex fraction. A variety of miscellaneous problems on fraction8. see note to IV-8. Bhigchara. Division. Bhagammir Fractions consisting of two or more of the varieties of Bhagu, Prabhdga, Bhagodhaga, Bhagawbandha, and Bhigh poodha fractions. See note to III-138. Bhagdebcodha Bhagdpoutho Bhagusciourge ractions in association. Vide note to III--118. Dissociated fractions. See note to III-128, A variety of miscellaneous problems on fractions. See note to IV--B Bhago The middle one of the three place forming the oube root group; bhat which has to be divided. Bee note t० I-58 and 54. Badre A measure of baser metals. Vide Table 6, Appendix IV. Bhiwwharge A variety of miscellaneous problems on fractions see note to I w-8. 88