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एतत् पृष्ठम् अपरिष्कृतम् अस्ति

APPENDIX IT. 291 An elephant... 8 de इभ. An elephant vade इभ. A Puranio insular । There are seven such divisions, viz. , जम्ब , division of the प्लक्ष, शाल्मली, कुश, क्रौञ्च, शाक, terrestrial पफर world धात Constituent prin• These are said to be seven, viz. chyle. blood, fesh, fat, bone, marrow, semen. ciples of the body. Name of a kind 18B Each line of a stanza in this metre of metre. contains 18 syllables. नग Mountain wide अचल. Name of a dynasty 9 Nine Nanda kings are said to have of kings. reigned in Magadha. Sky • ... 0 de अनन्त. Method of com-2Acoording to Jains there are two Nayas : prehending द्रव्यार्थकनय and things from particular stand-points. नयन ... The eye Vide अंक्षि •. An elephant ... 8 yeae इभ निधि .. Treasure 9 Nine famous treasures are said to belong to Kobera, the god of wealth, viz. पद्म, महापद्म, शङ्ख, मकर, कच्छप, मुकुन्द, कुन्द, नील, खवी. The ey७ .. 2 vde अक्ष. bhingB• Category of The Jainks recognize nine categories of things. पन्नग ... The serpent • ? Sometimes eight and sometimes seven principal serpents are reckoned in Hindu mythology. पयोधि ... Ocean ... .. vade आब्ध Ocean and "de अब्धि Hire 8 7the अग्नि.