विकिस्रोतः तः
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एतत् पृष्ठम् अपरिष्कृतम् अस्ति

287 APPENDIX I. SANSKRIT WORDS DENOING NUMBERS WITH THEIR 3 ORDINARY AND NUMERICAL SIGNIFICATIONS. अक्षि 'The eye 2 Men have two eyes. Fire 3 The number of sacrificial fires is three, • • • viz, गार्हपत्य, आहवनीयand दक्षिण. अङ्ग ... Number १ here are only nine numerical figures excluding the zero. "An auxiliary divi 6 There are six auxiliary departments of sion or depart study in relation to the Vedas, viz., ment of science. शिक्षा, कल्प, व्याकरण, निरुक्त, छन्द, ज्यौतिष. अचल A mountain... 7 Seven principal monutain8 called Kuld colo8 are recognized in the geography of the Puranas, viz.,महेन्द्र, मलय सह्य , शक्तिमत्, दक्ष, विन्ध्य, पारियात्र. आद्र A mountain ... 7 Vide अचल. 'he sky ... 0 The sky is considered to be void. अनल Fire q•• 3 7de आफ्न. ••• अनीक An army 8 There are eight kinds of army mentioned in Sanskrit, viz.पति , सेनामुख, गुल्म गण, वाहिनी, पृतना, चमू, अनीकिनी 0 Vide अनन्त . अन्तरिक्ष The sky आब्ध The ocean 4 It is held that there are four oceans, viz, castern, southern, western and northern. 2 The eye अम्बक vide अक्षि. अम्बर The sky 0 Yide अनन्त. अम्बंध •. The ocean 4. Vide अब्धि. अम्भोधि ... The ocean ... A V1de अब्धि.