विकिस्रोतः तः
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एतत् पृष्ठम् अपरिष्कृतम् अस्ति

250 GANITASARASANGRAHA sides (which has to be the same in value as the base line between the given pillars or hills, the segments (of the base caused by the meeting of the perpendicular from the vertex with tho base) ara arrived at in accordance with the rule laid down already. If the valnes of these (segments) are written down in the inverse order, they become the values of the two perpendicular sides of the two longish quadrilaterals in the required operation. Then, in accord ance with the rule given already, the values of the diagonals of the two longish quadrilateral figures may be arrived at with the aid of the values of those two sides (of the triangle above mentioned which are taken here as the two horizontal sides of the longish quadrilateral) and of those two perpendicular sides. These (diagonals) are of equal numerical value. Ecomples in Jhstruction thereof. 204-205. One pillar is 18 (hosts in height). The other is 15 (histo8 in height). The intervening distance (between them) is 14 (basta8). A rope (having its two ends) tied to the tops (of these two pillars) hangs down so as to touch the ground (some where between the two pillars). What aro the values of the two segments, (so caused, of the base-line between the pillars) ? The two (hanging) parts of the rope are (in their length) of equal numerical value. Give out also the rope-measure. 206-207 ४. IThe height of (one) hill is 22 (४jcanus). That of another hill is 18 (yojence). The intervening space between the two hills is 20 (yojana8 in length). There stand two religious mendicants, (one) on the top of each, who can move along the sky. For the purpose of begging (their food), they (came down Now ¢ + c 82 + c ( + 1) (; ४१; and e + e. =c +e and e1 = These values are obviously those of the segments of the base q of a triangle having the sides g and b, the segments having been caused by the perpendicular from the verte. This is what is stated in this rule. vide ruie given in stanza 49 above,