विकिस्रोतः तः
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एतत् पृष्ठम् परिष्कृतम् अस्ति

10. In the case of a scalene trilateral figure, one sida is 18 daṇdas, the opposite side is 15 daṇdas and the base is 14 daṇdas. So what is the quantitative measure (of the area) of this (figure) ?

11.[1] In the case of a figure resembling (the medial longitudinal section of) the tusk of an elephant, the length of the outer curve is seen to be 88 daṇdas; that of the inner curve is (seen to be) 72 daṇdas; the measure of (the thickness at) the root of the tusk is 80 daṇdas. (What is the measure of the area ?)

12. In the case of an equilateral quadrilateral figure, the sides and the opposite sides (whereof) are each 60 daṇdas in measure, you tell me quickly, O friend, the resulting (quantitative) measure (of the area thereof).

13. In the case of a longish quadrilateral figure here, the length is 61 daṇdas breadth is 32. Give out the practically approximate measure (of the area thereof).

14. In the case of a quadrilateral with two equal sides, the length (as measured along either of the equal sides) is 67 daṇdas, the breadth of this figure is 88 daṇdas (at the base) and 33 daṇdas (at the top. What is the measure of the area of the figure?)

15. In the case of a quadrilateral figure with three equal sides, (each of these) three sides measures 108 daṇdas (remain ing side here called) mukha, or top-side measure 8 daṇdas and 3 hastas. Accordingly, tell me, O mathematician (the measure of the area of this figure).

16. In the case of a quadrilateral the sides of which are all unequal, the side forming the base measures 33 daṇdas, the side forming the top is 82 daṇdas; one of the lateral sides is 50 daṇdas and the other is 60 daṇdas. What is (the area) of this (figure) ?

17. In an annulus, the inner circular boundary neasure 30 daṇdas; the outer circular boundary is seen to be 300. The breadth


11.^  The shape of the figure mentioned in this stanza seems to be what is given here in the margin: it is intended that this should be treated as a trilateral figure, and that the area thereof should bo found out in accordance with the rule given in relation to trilateral figures