विकिस्रोतः तः
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एतत् पृष्ठम् परिष्कृतम् अस्ति

wealth. Of what nature are the prices of those azure-blue gems, emeralds, and diamonds ?

The rule or arriving at the (value of the) invested capital by means of the rate of purchase, the rate of sale, and the profit obtained:-

167.[*] The buying and the selling rate-measures of the commodity are each multiplied alternately by the rate-prices (the product obtained with the help of) the buying rate-measure is divided by (the other product obtained with the aid of) the selling rate-measure. The profit, divided by the resulting quotient as diminished by one gives rise to the originally employed capital amount

An example in illustration thereof.

168. A merchant buys at the rate of 7 prasthas of grain for 3 paņas, and sells it at the rate of 9 prasthas for 5 paņas, and makes a profit of 72 paņas. What is the capital employed in this transaction?

Thus ends Sakala-kuțțīkāra in the chapter on mixed problems.




Hereafter we shall explain that kuțțīkāra which consists of calculations relating to gold.

The rule for arriving at the top of the resulting mixed gold obtained by putting together (different component varieties of) gold of (various) desired varņas:-

169. It has to be known that the (sum of the various) products of (the various component quantities of gold as multiplied by (their respective) varņas, when divided by (the total quantity of)



167.^  If the buying rate is a things for b and the selling rate is c things for d, and if it is the gain by the transaction, then the capital invested is-