विकिस्रोतः तः
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एतत् पृष्ठम् परिष्कृतम् अस्ति

combined with 5 of those (same fruits) , were distributed similarly among 19 travellers. Give out the (numerical) measure of (any) one (heap).

119. A traveller sees heaps of mangoes (equal in numerical value), and makes 31 heaps less by 3 (fruits) and when the remainder (of these 31 heaps) is (equally) divided among 73 men, there is no remainder. Give out the numerical value of one (of these heaps).

120. In the forest 37 heaps of wood-apples were seen by the travellers. After 17 fruits were removed (therefrom the remainder) was (equally) divided among 79 persons (so as to leave no remainder). What is the share obtained by each ?

121. When, after seeing a heap of mangoes in the forest and removing 7 fruits (therefrom, it was divided equally among 8 of the travellers and when again after removing 3 (fruits) from that (same) heap it was (equally) divided among 13 of them left no remainder (in both cases). O arithmetician, tell me (the numerical measure of this) single heap.

122. A single heap of wood-apples divided among 2, 3, 4, or 5 (persons) leaves 1 as remainder (in each case). O you who know arithmetic, tell me the (numerical) measure of that (heap).

123. When (divided) by 2, the remainder is 1 when by 3, it is 2; when by 4, it is 3; when by 5, it is 4. 'Tell me, O friend, what this heap is.

124. When (divided) by 2, the remainder is 1; when by 3, there is no remainder; when by 4, it is 3; when by 5, it is 4. Tell me, 0 friend, what the heap is (in numerical value).

125. When divided by 2, there is no remainder; when by 3, there is 1 as remainder ; when by 4, there is no remainder and when by 5, there is one as remainder. What is this quantity ?

126. When divided by 2 (the remainder is) 1; when by 3, there is no remainder; when by 4, (the remainder is) 3; and when divided by 5, there is no remainder. Tell me how what (this) quantity is.

127. The travellers saw on the way certain (equal) heaps of jambū fruits. Of then, 2(heaps) were equally divided among 9