विकिस्रोतः तः
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एतत् पृष्ठम् परिष्कृतम् अस्ति

6. Out of a collection of excellent bees, took delight in pālalī' trees, in kadamba tree, in mango threes, in a campaka tree with blossoms fully opened; in a collection of full-blown lotuses, opened by the rays of the sun and (finaly), a single intoxicated bee has been circling in the sky. What is the number (of bees) in that collection ?

7. A certain śrāvaka, having gathered lotus, and loudly uttering hundreds of prayers, offered those (lotuses) in worship, of those lotuses and and of this respectively to four tīrthaňkaras commencing with the excellent Jina Vŗșabha; then to Sumati as well as of this (same of the lotuses); (thereafter) he offered in worship to the remaining (19) tīrthaňkaras 2 lotuses each with a mind well-pleased. What is the numerical value of (all) those (lotuses) ?

8 to 11. There was seen a collection of pious men, who had brought their senses under control, who had driven away the poison-like sin of karma, who were adorned with righteous conduct and virtuous qualities and whose bodies had been embraced by the Lady Mercy. Of that (collection). was made up of logicians; this diminished by of itself was made up of the teachers of the true religion; the difference between these two (, namely, and of ) was made up of those that knew the Vedas ; this (last proportional quantity) multiplied by 6 was made up of the preacher of the rules of conduct, and this very same (quantity) diminished by of itself was made up of astrologers; the difference between these two (last mentioned quantities) was made up of controversialists; this (quantity) multiplied by 6 was made up of penitent ascetics ; and 9X8 leading ascetics were (further) seen by me near the top of a mountain with their shining bodies highly heated by the rays of the sun. Tell me quickly (the measure of this) collection of prominent sages.

12 to 16. (A number of) parrots descended on paddy-field beautiful with (the crops) bent down through the weight of the ripe corn. Being scared away. by men, all of them suddenly flew up. One-half of them went to the east, and went to the south-east; the difference between those that went