विकिस्रोतः तः
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एतत् पृष्ठम् परिष्कृतम् अस्ति


The rule of work in relation to the operation of division, which is the second (among the parikarman operations), is as follows:--

18. Put down the dividend and divide it, in accordance with the process of removing common factors, by the divisor, which is placed below that (dividend), and then give out the resulting (quotient).
19. The dividend should be divided in the reverse way (i.e., from left to right) by the divisor placed below, after performing in relation to (both of) them the operation of removing the common factors, if that be possible.

Examples in illustration thereof.

20. Dinārās (amounting to) 8192 have been divided between 64 men. What is the share of one man ?

21. Tell me the share of one person when 2701 pieces of gold are divided among 37 persons.

22. Dinārās (amounting to) 10349 have been divided between 79 person. What is it that is obtained by one (person) ?

23. Gold pieces (amounting to) 14141 are given to 79 temples. What is the momy (givon} to each (temple)?

24. Jambū fruits (amounting to) 31317 have been divided between 89 persons. Tell me the share of each.

25. Jambū fruits (amounting to) 31313 have been divided between 181 persons. Give out the share of each.

26. Gems amounting to 36261 (in number) are given to 9 persons (equally). What does one man obtain here ?

27. 0 friend, gold pieces (to the value of the number wherein the figures in order from the units' place upwards are) such as

20. Here, 8192 is mentioned in the original as 8000+92 +100.
22. In the original, 10348 is given as 10000+300+ 72
23. Here, 14141 is given as 10000+(40+4000+1+100).
24. Here, 31317 is given as 17 + 300+31000.
25. Here, 31313 is given as 13+300+31000.
26. Here, 36261 is given as 30000+1+(60+200+6000)
27. Here, the given divided is obviously 12345654321.