विकिस्रोतः तः
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पुटमेतत् सुपुष्टितम्


kshasa, the Sarasvatikaņņțhabharana contains two,* The first is the stanza at p. 98 infra,which runs as follows in the very useful edition of the Sarasvatîîkanthâbharana recently published by Mr. A. Borooah. (See p. 165 ). It is, however, to be noted that this is not here mentioned as being taken from the Mudrârâkshasa, nor is the second passage referred to further on.

उपरि घनं घनपटलं दूरे दयिता किमेतदापतितम्। हिमवति दिव्यौषधयः कोपाविष्टः फणी शिरसि ॥ The second is the second stanza at p. 167 infra in which is quoted at p. 292 of the Sarasvatîkanthâbharana. It is not necessary to do more than indicate the various readings which our MSS. do not contain, viz, जृम्भणैः for जृम्भितैः and अतिताम्रा for अभिताम्रा.Now it is remarkable, that in all the cases here noted, the readings which occur in the Daśarûpa and the Sarasvatikaņțhâbharaņa should not be found in any one of our MSS. And the circumstance is not only a remarkable one, it is calculated to create an uneasy suspicion in one’s mind that we have not before us materials quite satisfactory for settling our text. On the other hand, however, we have to remember, that some of the discrepancies which we meet with may be due merely to mistakes or defects in the copies of the Dasśarûpa and Sarasvatikaņțhâbharaņa themselves. It is also to be borne in mind, that these discrepancies are of no great moment in themselves, as they do not affect the meaning, although, of course, in one sense every variation, however unimportant in itself, is of importance upon the question: -what was the text as it left the hands of the author. It may be further pointed out that even as regards other works, which are quoted in the Dasśarûpa and Sarasvatîkanņțhabharaņa, we meet occasionally with various readings in the passages quoted, of which we find no trace in many of the manuscripts available to us. A few references to such passages are given in the note.#

  • See Introduction infra on these passages. * We have also to take account of the fact that, in all probability, some at least of these quotations were

verified before they were written down by the authors of the Das'arûpa and the Sarasvatikaņțhâbharana, but were merely written down from memory. See our remarks on this subject below ( P. 23 } and also the next note. + Cf. Dasakumâracharita, p. 1, with Sarasvatikaņțhâbharaņa, p.114; Malatimadhava, pp.166, 307,365, with Sarasvatîkaņțhâbharaņa pp. 115,311,340 respectively, and pp. 49,

"https://sa.wikisource.org/w/index.php?title=पृष्ठम्:Mudrarakshasa.pdf/६&oldid=215632" इत्यस्माद् प्रतिप्राप्तम्