पृष्ठम्:Matta Vilasa Prahasanam Mahendra Vikrama Ed. Ganapati Sastri T.S. University of Travancore 50.pdf/६

विकिस्रोतः तः
नेविगेशन पर जाएँ खोज पर जाएँ
एतत् पृष्ठम् अपरिष्कृतम् अस्ति

huye yet:}} obtained by him or account of his valour in VAIL- quishing enemics, ithich is mentiotical in the concluding line of tite play 'राजन्वानस्तु शक्लिप्रशमितरिपुणा शत्रुमल्लेन लोकः'। The title Avanilbhitjana is referjeel ty.in the th Parlh of the Mangala Sloku ‘स व्याप्तावनिभाजनं दिशतु वो दिव्यः कपाली यशः' and the titles Gunalbhara andl Mattarilast alre also found in the words of Nati in the Sthityala. 'जोवणगुणभरमत्तविकासपहसणं'. The title Gunbharta inight have lytech given to him as he was the scat of all the virtues descrilbert in the Tere 'प्रज्ञादानदयानुभावधृतयः कान्तिः क्षमा कौशलम् (11. 3.). It is prolably on account of the term Avanibhajana lhappily emplosit in the line 'स व्याप्तावनिभाजनं दिशतु वो दिव्यः कपाली यशः' has to suggest the central incident of the plot namely the handing over the versel', that the author wus known by the title Avnnilbha.jit. Similarly the title Mattavilasat might haryen inferred on hillm as it was aptly placerl in the Citteelice 'जोवणगुणभरमत्तविकास' to suggest the name of the play also. The author. Maheritarikanha Trma Hourished in the early part of the 7th century I. D.. as he is known to be a contemporarr of Chalukya Pulake in IL.who came to the throne on ti0) A. D. My thanks are due to Rao Bahadur H. Krishna Sustri B. A., (Officiatiny Epigraphist for the Crovernment of Indiar, for helping me with references to inscriptions relating to Mahenklra Varman I. ___The edition of this work is bascet toh two palm-leaf manuscripts in Malayalam characters. alhout threes centuries old. * One of then Tas obtuineal by me from the Manali- kkarn Mathom in Soutli Travancore in the year 1903, and the other manmlscript fron M. Nilakanthn Chakyau of Man- ganam in North Tarulere in tlic Year 1911, Trivandrunm, 18th May 1917. T. GANAIPATI SASTRT.

  • 11.3. Tiscript of the in2 licripti.s Lont some six inonths ago. at

lhis request to Mr. T. lopinatha. IRD. M.A.Superintendent of Arche- ology. Travancore, at the lispublisheet 111 article on the work "Matta. vilasa-Prahasutia" in the Indras Christian College Nagazine