पृष्ठम्:Matta Vilasa Prahasanam Mahendra Vikrama Ed. Ganapati Sastri T.S. University of Travancore 50.pdf/५

विकिस्रोतः तः
नेविगेशन पर जाएँ खोज पर जाएँ
एतत् पृष्ठम् अपरिष्कृतम् अस्ति

PREFA(JE. The trunken rerclrs ola Karalikn with his female companion, his falling out with a hypocritical Sikvabhikshu believing him to liate stolen his Kapala (alms-you-l) which had been curierl away by utpy, his having recourse to a degene- rate Pasuntal for the settlement of disputes and finaily the recovery of the Kapala from a madimanare in riel the inci- dents that make up the post of the Prahasat. Tlie style is simple auntl yeautiful and is site to the humous charitter of the play. . It is evilent from the Sthapunt of tle play that it was written lvning of the Pallantasty marned Mahendra- vikrama Varma, SO!! of imha Vishnu PutrmaThis Mahen- dravikrama Varma can lye identifierl with the Mahendra Varman I, mentionerl in a number of South Indian Pallasal inscriptions as the stull alittlccessor of the curly Pallava King simharishuu (575-600 A. D.) iindl as husing youme a number of titles. For, We knor from the Mahendra-Vadi Inscription that Gunabhurn built it cave temples :Murari grilha',* and from the Vallam Inscription that (Glunablhan is known lhy the mame "Mahendra Potarayan". The two cave inscriptious at Trihinopolyt disclose that Gulablhara was Palls Kine and hall the title Satruullu. Rao Bahadur Tenkayyu M.A. in his article "Tuscriptions in the Trichinopoly care" contri- buted to the Director General's Archeological Survey Annual for 19103-01 (pp.270 ff.) gives the contents of a (larnaged inscription wicli (Consist of the titles Malhendin. vikrama, Mattarilasu and Asamibhajanm which were held by Gunabharn. of these titles held brone and the same person, Mahendravikrama erjilently seems to ln his own name, and Gunabharu and others his titles. Malhendra is shortened form of Mahendravikrama Varna. The title Satrumalla night Sce South Indian

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