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विकिस्रोतः तः
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एतत् पृष्ठम् अपरिष्कृतम् अस्ति

Sweden Stockholm, The Royal Library Royal Academy of Sciences Ceylon Colombo, Ceylon Branch, R.A.S. dha8asana Samagama, Pagodha (Ka0 Teng Shib Huang) Pe-ling, L. of the Government Univer sity (Tai Shio) Shang-hai, North-China Branch, R.A.8 Agra, Agra College Library ASIA. Ajmere, Government College Library Aligarh, U. P, Anglo-0riental College Allahabad, Muir Central College Bangalore, L. of the Central College Baroda, Baroda College Library Benares, Queen's College Government, Sanskrit , College Bombay, Wilson College Bombay Branch, RoyalAsiatioSociety University of Bombay Calcutta, Asiatio Society of Bengal] Imperial Library Calcutta, Library of the Sanskrit, College Buddhist Text, Society Dacca, Dacca College Library Brmakolam, Cochin, Brmalkolam College (Gwalior,1. of Victoria College, Lashkar Hyderabad, Deccan, NisamCollege][.. Jaipur,Rajputama, Sanskrit College Maharaja'sCollege Jammu, Kashmir, Raghunath Temple 1. Ilinois, Chicago: The John Crerar Library Kumbhakonam, Tanjore, K. College L. Lahore, Dayanand Anglo-Wedio College ILucknow, IL. of Canning College Poona, Dec0an College Library Library of the Presidency College Simla, Archaeological Library Tokyo, Asiatio Society of Japan Imperial Library of Japan Imperial University of Tokyo - Waseda University Library Batavia, Society of Arts and Sciences accordingly ऋent to the following Medical Libraries 15 ngkok, National Library The Atharva-v०d is of large interest, and importance for the history of the crude beginning of Medical Science and the Art of Healing. See the Addre8, “ Yale in its relation) to Medicine,' delivered by Professor William Henry Welch, of the Johns Hopkins Univer sity, in “The Record of the Celebration of the Two Fundredth Amuniversary of the Founding of Yale College,' New Haven, 1902, pages 208-204. Mainly at the suggestion of Doctor District of Columbia, Washington: Library of the Surgeon-General's Office, U.S. Depart [Digitized by (Google