विकिस्रोतः तः
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पुटमेतत् सुपुष्टितम्


 The present work of Sahityasara was taken up for editing by the Reader in Sanskrit in the Institute, Mr. M. Ramakrishnakavi, M.A. in 1945 and the press copy was ready by the end of that year. But the publication of the work had to be deferred as the press and the editor were engaged in the more important work of printing and editing the Bharatakosa, As soon as this work was published, Sahityasara was taken up. But as soon as the printing of this work had been completed Mr. M. Ramakrishnakavi had unfortunately to retire and as he did not write the introduction by that time, the work could not be published immediately. I have, therefore, requested one of the Lecturers of the Oriental College, Mr. A. Someswarašarma, Vyakarana-Sahitya Vidyapravina, to write the introduction and supply the want. I am very grateful to him for providing the edition with his introduction in Sanskrit.

 On reference to Mr. M. Ramakrishnakavi as to his opinion about the age of the author, he sent me the following note:-

"Sahityasara was composed by the end of the
eleventh century, for the date of Vamarasimuni is
determined. He constructed a temple at......... about
10 miles on the northern side of the Tungabhadra near
Kurnool. There are inscriptions one of which presents
the fact that Vamarasi managed the construction of the

 As he had given no reference to the inscriptions to trace them, I addressed the Government Epigraphist for India, Ootacamund and requested him to inform me when the said inscription or inscriptions were published and whether the place referred to lay in the Kurnool district, I am