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विकिस्रोतः तः
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एतत् पृष्ठम् परिष्कृतम् अस्ति
Act VI, Notes & Translation

 Translation :-The whole family of the enemy has been allready slain by us with will fury; while ourselves, all five: of us, are unscathed, The ocean of Panchali's humiliation brought on by my vice (of gambling) has been crossed (the humiliation has been avenged). You, the Divine Person, speak with me with kind regard, so very blessed am I. What other blessing beyond this can I ask of you, now that you are pleased ?

 इदम तु or sometimes इदमस्तु भरतवाक्यमु. The closing stanza which must be benedictory, is called the भरनब कम or lines sacred to भरत, the supposed founder of the dramatic art.

 St. 45. जनः अकृपणम् अरुक्श्रान्त पुरुषायुषं जन्यातू । भगवन् पुरुषत्तमें ( त्वयि ) द्वैतं विना भक्तिः भवतु । भूपः दयितभुवनः विद्वब्दधुः गुणेषु विशेषाविद् सततसुकृति प्रसाधितमण्डलः भूयात् ।

 अकृपणम् (कापभ्यरहितं यथा तथा ) and अरूक्श्रान्तम् (रुजा श्रान्तों यथा न स्यात् तथा ) are used as adverbs modifying जीव्यात्. पुरुषायुषम्, accusative: denoting duration ; आयस् compounded with पुरुष in the Genitive Tatpurusha becomes आयुषः पुरुषम्य आयुः = पुरुषायुषम् meaning the maximum term of a man's life, which is supposed to be a hundred Years. ' गुणेषु विशेषावर ' ---Appreciator of merits; discriminator between merits and merits, प्रसाधितमण्डलः–प्रसाधितं मण्डलं चैन सः (1) 'Who adorns the whole country i.e. is an ornament or ; (2) 'Who has thoroughly conciliated or won over the whole circle of tributary Princes. Either meaning is applicable here. Vide note on ' प्रसाधित ' p. 7.

 Translation :—May people live the full term of life assigned to man (i.e. a hundred years), exempt from wretchedness and unexhausted by illness ! 0 Divine Being, may there prevail ( among men ) wholehearted devotion towards You, the Highest Person ! May the king be loving to his subjects, the friend of the learned, the appreciating patron of merits, one ever engaged in meritorious deeds and an ornament. to the whole country.

 v.l. 'अकृपणमतिः कामं' for ' अकृपणमरुत्रान्तम्' and 'भवतु च भगवद्भक्तिधं विना पुरुषोत्तम' for the second line. कामं अपगमतः ( जनः ) - Endowed with a mind thoroughly free from all churlishness. The second variant makes no difference in meaning.