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विकिस्रोतः तः
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एतत् पृष्ठम् परिष्कृतम् अस्ति
Bhatta Naraya-Venissamhara

 Translation :- 0 God, in this world there is no possibility of a creature continuing wretched after the has but meditated upon You ; how much less, when he actually sees You ! You Whose ermbodied existence originated with the great evolution, once started, of the प्रधान into महत् etc.; who, when thus invested with the qualities of सत्व (Godness), रजसु (Passion), तमसु (Darkness), became the cause of the creation destruction and sustentation of the universe; and who are unborn, undying and inconceivable.

 The commentator dissolves and interprets the compound, कृतगुरु etc., in a different way though the ultimate notion is the same. His explanation is कृतं गुरु (= विशाल ) महदादि येन तथाभूत: क्षोभः यस्य तथाभूतात् (प्रधानात) संभूता मुर्ति. यस्य तमू - whose embodiment arose from प्रधान (... by conact with प्रधान ), the disturbance of which produced the vast universe in the order of महत् etc. The mode of dissolution does not appear to me natural.

 कल्पिताभिषेकमङ्गलाः-कल्पित अभिषेकरूप मलङ्गं यैः'ते.. Who have made everything ready for the auspicious ceremony of coronation.

 'स्कन्धोत्तम्भिततीर्थवारिकलशाः-स्कंधेन उत्तंभिताः (= उद्धाः) तीर्थवारिकलशा: यैः ते. Carrying pichers of holy water on their shoulders.

 अभिषेकं ( = अभिषेकसाधनं वस्तुजातम् ) धारयान्तः –Holding in readiness the materials of the coronation rite. विशंकृतम् - Wronged pr deceived.

 पुण्यजन is 'a Rakshsa ,' the derivation being ironical; पुण्यजनः=पापजन.

 महाश्चित्तविभ्रमः कृतः--Created a very grievous misapprehension.

 पुरुषसाधारण्या बुद्धया तुष्यामि-पुरुषेषु साधारणी, तथाभूतया बुद्धया etc. 'I find myself contended, having as I do a heart which I but share with the common run of men. I have no extraordinary heart or ambition, and so cannot form any higher wish.

 St. 44. क्रोधान्धैः (अस्माभिः) सकलं रिपुकुलं हतम् ते पञ्च वयं अक्षताः । मम दुर्नयोपजनितः पाञ्चाल्याः निकारार्णवः तीर्णः । देवः पुरुषोत्तमः त्वं आदृतः (स) सुकृतिनं मां भाषसे । अतः परं अन्यत् किं नाम प्रसन्नात् भगवतः अहं याचे ।

निकारार्णवः–निकारः (=परिभवः ) एव अर्णवः. The ocean of humiliation. दुर्नय- Bad morals or gambling.