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विकिस्रोतः तः
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एतत् पृष्ठम् परिष्कृतम् अस्ति
Act VI, Notes & Translation

ing chosen for a husband at my choice-marriage. These two interpretations correspond to the two possible meanings of 'दुर्लललित' considered at P. 92, स्वयंवरस्वयंग्राहकुटुम्बिन् or कुटुम्बक is not intelligible.

 त्रिलोचनांग etc. The fight between Arjuna and the god Shiva which forms the theme of the Kiratarjuniya , was a source of great fame to Arjuna.

 निवातकवचो etc. Nivatakavachas were a race of demons who were exterminated by Arjuna, at the request of Indra.

 बदर्याश्रम etc. 0f the two sages par excellence, Nara and Narayana, of the Badari Ashrarama, Arjuna was an incarnation of the former and Krishna, of the latter. The compound मुनिद्वितीयतापस must be treated as Loc. Tat., not Gen. Tat.

 गन्धर्वनिर्वासितदुर्योधन-गन्धर्वेभ्यः निर्वासितः दुर्योधनः येन-One who rescued Duryodhana from the hands of the Gandharvas. निर्वासित, which means ' banished ' or ' exiled ', is here used in the sense of 'rescued, which is rather curious.

 St. 34. अयि तात वत्सलां अम्बां विनीत अनभिवाद्य मां च गाढं अनुपगुह्य मया अपि अनुक्तः ( त्वं ) एतां स्वयंवरवधूं दयितां अदृष्ट्वा दीर्घप्रवासं कथं गतः असि ।

 विनीतम् used as an adverb modifying अनाभिवाद्य and गाढम्, as an adverb modifying अनुपगुह्य ।

 वत्सलाम् वत्सल is derived from वत्स with the suffix लच् (i.e. ) denoting longing or yearning.

 Translation :-0 dear, how is it that you have proceeded on the last long journey respectfully saluting Our tenderly loving mother, without embracing me fast and without being addressed by me, without, again, visiting this beloved of yours (who became) your wife by her own free choice ?

 यथेष्टम्- At his sweet will or pleasure; unhesitatingly; unscrupulously. एवं अवस्थिते i.e. मूर्च्छायां अवस्थिते.

 क्षतजासवमत्त......भूयिष्ठाः–क्षतजमेव आसवः तेन मत्ताः, तथाभूताः ये यक्षाः राक्षसाः etc., ते भूयिष्ठाः यत्र तथाभूताः (पुरुषाः ). Men who have about them, for the most part, Yakshas, Rakshasas, etc. drunk with blood, Read note on. छलबहुलम्,' P. 127.

 उपलक्षणं- A rough description,