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विकिस्रोतः तः
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एतत् पृष्ठम् परिष्कृतम् अस्ति
Bhatta Naraya-Venissamhara

as it is to be construed with ‘दतः' The more idiomatic form for the sentence to take would be : असमाप्तप्रतिज्ञाय महाभुजाय अस्तं गताय ते मुक्तकेश्या एव प्रियया सलिलाञ्जलिः दत्तः।

 Translation :-You, of long arms, having died before making good your declaration (to the effect that you Would braid her hair with hands smeared with Duryodhana's blood), our beloved has offered you the libation of water with her hair still unbraided !

 The point is that Bhima. having failed in his attempt someone of the survivors at least ought to have carried out the, revenge and enabled Draupadi to offer her libation with their hair duly braided in the manner Bhima. would have. But the pity is that nothing of the sort has taken place.

 एष कौरवापसदः -This wretch of a Kaurava. अपसदः। (= नीचः) कौरवः or कौरवेषु अपसदः preferably the former, क्षतजाभिषेकपाटलिताम्बरशरीर:-क्षतजस्य अभिषेकेण पाटलितं अम्बरं शरीरं च यस्य तथाभूतः. With his garment and body gory by being bespattered with blood.

 समुच्छ्रित...प णिः-समुच्छ्रिता वा दिग्धा भीषणा च गदा, सा पाणौ यस्य तथाभूतः. Holding uplifted (iii readiness to strike ) a bloody and fearful mace.

 उद्यतकालदण्ड इव कृतान्तः -Looking like the god of death himself armed with his all-destroying club. परिमार्गमाणः- Read note on 'मार्गन्ताम्', P, 126.

 P. 96. हा दैव ते निर्णयो ज्ञातः- 0 destiny, thy nature is as curtained meaning that the issue of the combat is decided and Arjuna has fallen. It is really Bhima. that has come off victorious and wants now to meet Yudhisthira and Draupadi, but these parties have been deceived by Charva ka and they mistake Bhima for Duryodhana, especially. because Bhima is disfigured by his bloody ointment beyond all possibility of being recognised at first sight.

 स्वयंवरस्वयंग्राहदुर्ललित–स्वयंवरे यः मम स्वयंप्राहू (i.e. मया कृतं

तव पाणिग्रहणं स एव दुर्ललितं (दुःखहेतुः ललितं ) यस्य  तथाभूत. '0 one, who cherished the accused or ill -fated desire to be chosen by me at my choice-marriage !' Or the compound may be interpreted thus : मम स्वयंवरे स्वयंग्राहेण दुर्ललित ( दुष्टुं यथा स्यात् तथा ललित), ‘0 one, fondled by me even to a fault after be-