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विकिस्रोतः तः
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एतत् पृष्ठम् परिष्कृतम् अस्ति
Bhatta Naraya-Venissamhara

escaping from it herself by passing into a state of unconsciousness; or he may mean that she unfairly has more of the grief to herself and leaves him less of it so that her share proves large enough to cause a swoon while his is to0 small and leaves him still conscious.

 P. 90. फुल्लपुष्पदामानि' ---फुल्लानां पुष्पाणां दामानि '. Chaplets of fullblown flowers, दारिका ' young maid-servants.

 'अचिरगतम् ---- Not long gone; gone but recently.

 'चिता-' A funeral pile, past pass. of चिं to heap of pile.

 अनुबध्नन् -Conforming to or following.

 चितासविभागेन- 'By providing a funeral pile for her.' Here the word 'संविभाग' which properly means 'sharing some thing with another,' is loosely used in the sense of 'प्रदान' giving or providing.'

'तपस्विनि'--A pitiable or poor woman.

 St. 21. चाप अपविध्य तस्यैव देहरुधिरोक्षितपाटलाङ्गी गदां आदाय संयाति भ्रातृप्रियेण अर्जुनेन अद्य यत् कृतं तदेव ममापि हि श्रेयः । कृतं जयेन ।

 देह...पाटलाङ्गम् देहस्य रुधिरेण उक्षितं अत एव पाटलं अङ्गं यस्याः तथाभूताम्.

 संयति, Loc. sing.of संयत्, ‘ battle ' or ' fight, being a root ' noun from यत् with सम् it is also derived by some from संयम् subdue; but the first derivation is satisfactory because 'संयत् is found actually used as a verb in the sense of fighting; compare the sentence in the Taittiriya Brahmaana, ‘देवासुराः संयत्ता आसन्', where संयत्ताः means engaged in fight,” “at war'.

 हि-connects the idea in the stanza, with the idea in 'अलमथवा धनुषा.'

 Translation :-For it is better for me to do that which Arjuna did to-day in battle out of love for his brother, Bhima, when he flung away the bow and snatched up his very mace with its sides gory through being smeared with the blood of the body. Away with victory !

  Yudhisthira means that Arjuna. placed himself at a disadvantage and this invited by throwing away the bow and taking up the mace, and must have, by this time, fallen. He had better follow his example, says he.

 रिपुजयविमुख-रिपुजयात् विमुख (चेतः ). Recoiling or turning away from the idea of vanquishing enemy.